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October 17, 2012

Gregor Blanco


Q.  How are you all feeling after the day off and all that?
GREGOR BLANCO:  We feel great.  It's always good to have a day off.  And we get here and we practice and we just have a good day off and we good to go now.

Q.  What's allowed you the last couple of weeks to really get going here at the plate?
GREGOR BLANCO:  I just feel great.  I think I'm just enjoying the time in the postseason.  To tell you the truth, it's a dream come true for me and I'm just having an awesome time.  And I'm just trying to let my emotions go for it and I'm just having fun.

Q.  The Giants have said many times after Melky got suspended that he wasn't going to come back, even though he was eligible to.  Do you think part of that was for your benefit to maybe give you confidence in taking the job every day and just so you wouldn't have to be looking over your shoulder?
GREGOR BLANCO:  Well, I think the guys, they give me the opportunity to be in the postseason that I am right now.  And I'm really thankful for that and to trust in myself.  And made me trust more in me.  And I play with a lot of confidence, and it's just been great since.  And I just doing the thing I'm capable to do.  They believe in that and I believe in that and I've just got to keep playing hard.

Q.  I'm just curious as an opposing player, and maybe you can speak for other guys in your clubhouse, as well, but do you enjoy coming and playing in the atmosphere here in St. Louis?  Is it different than other road stops or anything special about it?
GREGOR BLANCO:  Well, I think we play in a really tough ballpark.  The Giants fans, they're really, really into baseball.  The St. Louis fans are as well.  I really enjoy and like to play in games like this, when the fans get into the game because that's what baseball is.  I think if you feel that passion, you're always going to be playing good and that's what I do like as a baseball player.

Q.  Obviously the forecast is pretty ugly.  Could you talk about how the weather report is affecting how you prepare for today?
GREGOR BLANCO:  We just prepare the same.  We cannot concern about the weather.  I don't know how that's going to be.  I hear it's going to rain.  But we just have to play the game.  We just got to worry about preparing ourself for 3:00 and play nine innings and let the things take care of themself.

Q.  What challenges does Kyle Lohse present for you guys today?
GREGOR BLANCO:  Well, I know ‑‑ all I know is aggressive pitcher.  He's going to come after us.  And we have to try to hit the ball we want to hit, don't chase bad pitches and hopefully get good at‑bats.  If you always get a good at‑bats, you're going to get opportunities to have base hits or get on base.  That's what we have done all year and we've just got to keep doing it.

Q.  You said a couple of times that you would try to get ahold of Melky.  Have you finally reached him and talked to him?
GREGOR BLANCO:  No, no.  Right now I'm just really worried about focus on every single day and trying to play a game here.  I wanted to talk to him.  But my mind right now is in the playoff.
So after this, whatever happens, I might just talk to him and see how he doing, and I know he's okay.

Q.  You talked about their pitcher.  I want to get your thoughts on your pitcher today, on Cain.  Just think back on that perfect game and what that meant to everybody in your clubhouse.
GREGOR BLANCO:  Well, I think he's the one to deserve that perfect game.  I think he's been, since I've known the guy, seems like he's a pitcher that always go there and try to pitch nine innings and really focus on what he's done in his career in every single game.  He showed that to everybody already.  I know today is going to be a great opportunity for him to show what he's capable to do.  So hopefully he do good.

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