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October 16, 2012

Delmon Young


Detroit Tigers – 2
New York Yankees - 1

THE MODERATOR:  Thank you for coming in, Delmon.

Q.  Delmon, will you speak to being up 3‑0?  What does it feel like to be‑‑it would seem to be in control of the series.  Would you also speak to how great your rotation has been?
DELMON YOUNG:  Being up 3‑0 is a great benefit right now.  And we have Scherzer going tomorrow versus Sabathia.  But we're not looking at it as we can clinch tomorrow, we're just going in there to play a baseball game.  If we win, we can punch our tickets to the World Series; if we lose, we have to come back out here Thursday.

Q.  Rotation.  How good your rotation is?
DELMON YOUNG:  We have been dominating.  The stats speak for themselves.  You have been watching the game.  They got one run so far in three games in the series.
Our starters have been dominating and making it easy on our offense.

Q.  Delmon, obviously this is the most important time of the season.  Just how good does it feel to kind of get in the kind of groove that you are in right now?
DELMON YOUNG:  It feels good.  But it is a team contribution.  We all want to help win games in the postseason right now, and everyone is doing what they can.  And someone every day is going to be doing something to help win ballgames.

Q.  Delmon, could you tell me about the home run.  Did you think that it was out?
DELMON YOUNG:  I knew I hit it hard enough, but we weren't in Yankee Stadium, so I had to wait an extra 30 feet for it to land.
THE MODERATOR:  Okay, thanks for coming down.

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