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October 16, 2012

C.C. Sabathia


THE MODERATOR:テつ Who has the first question for CC Sabathia?

Q.テつ CC, when your club is struggling to score runs, does it have any direct affect on your approach to pitching?
CC SABATHIA:テつ No, I always want to go out and try to shut the other team down and give us as many opportunities to score.テつ With the way we‑‑ as cold as we are, we can get just as hot, especially with our lineup and the veterans we have and great players we have.
We always had a faith that if you go out there and do your job, you are going to score runs, and we have all year really.

Q.テつ Just the way you pitched in the first round, what did it do for your confidence, and how much are you looking forward to getting back out there tomorrow?
CC SABATHIA:テつ I am definitely looking forward to getting a chance to pitch in this series.テつ You know, I felt pretty good the last two or three times out and, you know, felt good in the bullpen, so I just look to continue to build off of that, make sure I have my command down, the fastball command, and really work off that.
But I always say, whether good or bad, I always put the last one behind me.テつ I am ready for tomorrow.

Q.テつ One silver lining could be the performance of the starting staff for the Yankees.テつ Can you just speak to not only what yourself has done, but your comrades in the starting rotation have been able to do in the postseason.
CC SABATHIA:テつ I think we have been pitching pretty good.テつ Hiro I think for me turned in the best performance of the postseason of the day.テつ I know he fell a little short, but 11 strikeouts against that lineup and going out and pitching the way he did, it was just unbelievable.
Just unfortunately got the loss, but, you know, we've been feeding off each other and trying to keep it going, and hopefully we keep it up.

Q.テつ C, what did you think of Phil Hughes, the way he pitched this year and the postseason?テつ You got a chance to work with him pretty closely, I assume, the last couple of years.テつ What do you think of the steps he has taken and the job he has in front of him tonight?
CC SABATHIA:テつ I think he definitely matured, and just not going out and just being a thrower.テつ He definitely has a plan and hitting spots.テつ And he's worked his slider in there the last maybe five or six, seven starts.テつ And just him being able to make adjustments.
His changeup was really big for him the last start against Baltimore, so him being able to work his off‑speed pitches in there I think made the difference for him.
Pitching in New York and pitching in big situations has him prepared for what he needs to do tonight.

Q.テつ I guess the competitor in you, when your team fell down 0‑2, did you give any thought to trying to talk your way into the start tonight?
CC SABATHIA:テつ I don't think there was any talking my way into it tonight.テつ I think they had it pretty much set that Phil was going to throw Game 3 after we went five with Baltimore.テつ So there was no point in me wasting my breath and trying to do that.
But we have a lot of faith in Phil, and hopefully we get a win tonight and have a chance to even it up tomorrow.

Q.テつ But just from the other night's performance, can you reflect, even if you did notice, what Verlander had done, and just as an ace, like if you do notice around the league what other guys are doing who are similar to yourself?
CC SABATHIA:テつ I didn't watch the game, you know, but I knew that he pitched well and threw a complete game.テつ But that wasn't the reason why I felt I went out and pitched a good game.テつ I was really concerned about our team and our situation and trying to get us to the next round.
Obviously I know he's a great pitcher.テつ Had a conversation with him, you know, a lot and talking back and forth and texting back and forth.テつ So I know he's great and one of the best pitchers in the league, and I have a lot of respect for him, but I just try to go out and do my thing.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Thank you.

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