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October 14, 2012

Bruce Bochy


St. Louis Cardinals ¬Ė 6
San Francisco Giants ‑ 4

Q.  Could you just tell right away that Bumgarner was struggling, and what was your thought process as you were watching him go out and get in trouble?
BRUCE BOCHY:¬† Well, good first inning, made a two‑strike mistake to Freese, and 3rd inning it was pretty good and just couldn't get him out of that 4th inning.¬† And he had two outs there.¬† They got a couple of big hits, and one was a flare that fell in.¬† And two strikes against Beltran, and he made two mistakes there.
We had our guy out there.¬† And he just didn't have his good stuff and made a couple of mistakes.¬† The guys did a great job of battling back, bullpen did a great job.¬† A break here or there.¬† Pagan's ball up the middle they made a great play on.¬† It was a hard‑fought game.

Q.  Second time in a row you have lost the first game in your place.  Does it feel devastating to lose this game, how do you look at it?
BRUCE BOCHY:  No, it's best out of 7.  We've shown how resilient we can be.  We hate to lose them at home.  But it happens.  And we've got to wash this one off and come out and be ready to go tomorrow.  I liked the way we battled back.  We gave up four there and they came right back and put four on the board, and they made a nice play to get out of that inning.
It's the best of seven, that's how you have to look at it and come out and be ready to go tomorrow.

Q.  Is it fair to say that if you're going to come back in this series, as far as you go in the postseason, that the starters have to do a better job?  You haven't had one start in six innings in this series.
BRUCE BOCHY:  You certainly want a quality start from the guys.  In these series the bullpen plays a huge role.  It did for them tonight.  Their pen did a great job.  And ours did a great job.  It makes it easier when you get a quality start.  But when it doesn't happen you try to get through the game and keep it close.  We did that.
But they shut us down and we couldn't do much with their bullpen.  They have some great arms coming out.  But we certainly need some good starts, there's no question about it.

Q.  Does Bumgarner's start tonight throw Game 5 into question as well as Game4, as far as who you will start?
BRUCE BOCHY:  We'll talk about it, where Bum's at.  He came out with good stuff, but it dropped a little bit.  He just made some mistakes.  We'll talk about it tonight, tomorrow, and as we get to Game 5 on what we will do.
But he's one of our guys.  He's had a great year, and we've seen what this kid's done for us, during the season and in postseason.  But it is something that we'll discuss.

Q.  Does this still allow Lincecum to be available for Game4?
BRUCE BOCHY:  Yeah, he only threw two innings, and he was pretty efficient.  We still have our options there.  He did a great job.  We got within two and he kept us there.  He gave us a chance to come back.  He's still available if we want in Game4.

Q.  Does that make Zito a lock to start Game4 then?
BRUCE BOCHY:  No.  As I just said, Timmy, he didn't throw that much and we'll see where we're at as we get closer to Game4, but we still have our options.  We knew that Timmy was available tonight.  We used him.  That's a possibility he could go Game4.

Q.  Do you manage in terms of the pitching differently in the best of seven versus best of five in terms of decisions you make, leeway, there's a little extra leeway?
BRUCE BOCHY:  Well, there is, but I don't know if you manage it any different.  You're trying to win every game.  You know the margin of error is a little bigger with a game to 7, but still every game is critical.  We know that.  But you do have a little more leeway when you're in the best of seven.
And the guys that we use, they all did a great job and didn't throw a lot of pitches, so they're all available tomorrow.

Q.  Would you use Timmy again tomorrow if you had to on relief?
BRUCE BOCHY:  I doubt it.  He is available.  I can't say I won't use him, because the game may dictate that.  But if I had to use him, he is probably the most resilient arm we have on the club, as far as bouncing back.

Q.  Just to follow up, Tim obviously has plenty of length working as a starter all season.  Did you want to get him out after two innings to preserve him for later?
BRUCE BOCHY:  That was part of it, but we're two runs down and we have to do something to get back, back in the game, tie it.  Theriot ended up getting a walk, so we had the tying run up there.  In fact, he did come out, does keep your options open.  We did think about that.  And once we get to that part of the game then we can use our late inning guys.

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