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October 14, 2012

Cheryl Reeve



COACH REEVE:¬† The game was as hard as we thought it would be.¬† I thought through three quarters, we for the most part responded and kind of hung in there. ¬†And then the fourth quarter, we just stopped scoring.¬† I thought they made‑‑ Indiana made, exactly what we thought they would do is I thought they made the tough, dirty play, the hard work plays and allowed them to get separation.¬† You know, they got Game1.

Q.  Was your team prepared to take care of Larkins tonight?
COACH REEVE:  Obviously not.

Q.  What makes her so difficult?
COACH REEVE:  She's relentless.  You know, it's her only job is to go in there and rebound the ball.

Q.  You were quoted before this game, you said this team was gritty.  Did they show you that tonight?  Were they as gritty as you thought they would be?
COACH REEVE:¬† And then some.¬† And then some.¬† I mean, they only played seven players.¬† They came off of a three‑game series.¬† They have been traveling.¬† You know, they are exactly what we thought they would be, and probably then some.

Q.¬† Maya tonight ‑‑ inaudible ‑‑ do you feel like the foul trouble caused some of her aggressiveness to go away?
COACH REEVE:  You know, Maya has been that player for us; the two years that I've coached her, any time she gets early foul trouble, it's not going to be that good of a night for her, so tonight was no different.

Q.  Other opposing coaches and players have mentioned that often times, the Lynx make them pay; do you feel like you had opportunities tonight but just didn't have a chance to capitalize?
COACH REEVE:¬† Yeah, the fourth quarter I thought we were getting the ball where we wanted to get the ball, but not able to convert in the paint.¬† That was the big difference in the game, 38‑24 points in the paint.¬† We got in there and got our shots blocked, and like I said, we got out‑physicaled, we got out‑toughed, and that's probably the most disappointing part.

Q.  Looked like their ball movement especially early created a lot of open shots in layups and on the perimeter, is that what you expect out of them and how do you adjust going forward?
COACH REEVE:  Everything that they ran was stuff that we had gone through, we had walked through.  I mean, we had two days to get ready for them.  And watched a ton of video, did some things in practice, everything that they did was what we knew they were going to do.
I thought they were more assertive, especially to start the game.  I thought they ran through their stuff a lot harder.  Nothing easy.  You know, that should be that way for both teams.

Q.  What does this team have to do to get ready for Wednesday?
COACH REEVE:  Well, you know, we are going to look at some video, so we'll take the day tomorrow.  Get in there and just look at what we've got to do. I'm sure the players will tell you, kind of disappointed to how we responded to how hard the game was.  And we'll watch video and see if we can't put ourselves in better position, and then we practice and then we'll hoop it up again for Game2.

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