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October 14, 2012

Seimone Augustus

Lindsay Whalen



Q.  What do you guys have to do to get ready for Wednesday?
LINDSAY WHALEN:  Well we know it's a long series and I think we need to go and watch some video and figure out what we need to do to be more effective and we know we need to just put ourselves in some good situations and execute and cut down on some of the mental errors and finish some plays.

Q.  How did Indiana contain you defensively to the point where you ended up missing 12 straight shots in the fourth quarter that made the difference in the end?
SEIMONE AUGUSTUS:  We came in knowing Indiana's defense was going to be a tough, stifling defense.  And I feel like the shots that we got, were shots that we normally take and make.  It's a stretch of offense where we wasn't as effective as we wanted to be, and you know, we have to give credit where credit is due.  They did an awesome job of making every cut and making every shot difficult.

Q.  Was there anything that you saw from the Fever tonight that you weren't expecting?
SEIMONE AUGUSTUS:  No.  Everything that they did tonight is what we expected.  We practiced it all week.  For some reason, we didn't come out ready to play, and they were.
Defensively we were not where we wanted to be, as aggressive.  They got a lot of early baskets in the paint.  I think they ended the game with 38 points on the paint; that's unacceptable for a team that we kind of pride ourselves on our defense.

Q.  Their players were just in here and they said that every game will be like this game; if they play every game like this game, can you guys beat them?
LINDSAY WHALEN:  Yeah, I think it comes down to executing and getting some loose balls and some hustle plays.
They fought for all those loose balls and they came up with some of them.  I think that we need to make some adjustments and like Seimone said, we pride ourselves on getting the hustle plays and those things all year, and they were making some shots and made some plays and when it comes down to it, that's what it's about, making plays and finishing some shots.
We know we'll be better on Wednesday.

Q.  Simeone, what makes Larkins such a difficult person to handle in the paint there?
SEIMONE AUGUSTUS:  I mean, she's aggressive.  She's never going to give up.  You don't look for her to be a player that they are going to feed the post, and she's just going to go to work down there.
What she's going to do is she's going to get the rebounds when our players take the shots.  Even, you know, her own rebounds, she's just aggressive.  It was a play that I can remember where there was three or four link players down there and she just battling by herself and she never gave up until the ball went to the basket or until she got the foul.  That's the kind of play that we have to expect from Erlana Larkins throughout this series?

Q.  Opposing players and coaches have said that you guys make them pay when they make mistakes; do you feel like tonight you had opportunities and were just not able to capitalize?
SEIMONE AUGUSTUS:  I think so.  We had a few opportunities to make plays and we either turned the ball over or we had an empty possession where we just didn't run the play to the tee.  For some reason we broke the play and it just didn't work out in our favor.
If we correct those things on Wednesday, we'll put the pressure back on them and they will see what the real Minnesota basketball is like when we are running on all cylinders and everybody is doing what they are supposed to do in the offensive scheme.

Q.  This is a different feeling for your club because you've been on such a roll.  How will you react now?  In the past you've tried to be not too high, not too low; will you try to follow that plan again?
LINDSAY WHALEN:  Yeah, I mean, it's one game.  It's a long series.  It's a five‑game series.  Just like you said, after the first two series, we came out and we got the win; you can't get too high and like you said, you can't get too low.
Now it's up to us to make some corrections and fix some things and come out ready to go on Wednesday night.  It's just, you know, they played a really good game, and you know, we left maybe a couple shots out there and things like that.
So like I said, we'll make some corrections and get ready for Wednesday.

Q.  This is only the second home loss all season for the team.  What can you say about the fan support tonight through the season and going forward through the playoffs?
SEIMONE AUGUSTUS:  They are the reason we have lost only a very minimal amount at home.  You felt the energy in the building.  Every play, every possession, whether we were up or down, they were on their feet, they were cheering and that's what you expect from a fan standpoint.  They are the best fans in the league as far as we are concerned, and we expect that throughout the series, even on Wednesday, they will probably be here when we go off to Indiana and have to play the two games there.
I'm quite sure the Target Center will be packed and people be here to cheer.  Just thank the fans for continuing your support throughout the season and throughout the series.

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