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October 14, 2012

Shane Lowry


PAUL SYMES:  Many congratulations, your second European Tour title, this time you get to keep the cheque.  Tell us how you're feeling. 
SHANE LOWRY:¬† Don't know to be honest.¬† Sort of it's actually a bit surreal at the minute.¬† I went out there today knowing I had a chance to win and nothing really went for me on the front nine.¬† You know, I holed that 7‑iron on the 11 and all of the sudden thought this could be it.
But I played good and Darren was great for me on the back nine.¬† Sort of played one shot at a time.¬† Bogey on the last, would have been a tough bogey, left, so you can forgive me for my tee shot right‑‑ (Inaudible.)
PAUL SYMES:  Always one shot you look back onwhenever you win a tournament, and I guess that shot will be the seven iron on the 11th hole today…
SHANE LOWRY:¬† Yeah, definitely, it was a very difficult shot.¬† Played 138 yards and it was strong wind off the left which is not really what I like, hit a little 7‑iron, straight at the flag and the crowd told the rest of the story.
PAUL SYMES:  You mentioned the crowd, obviously when you won in Baltray was special, I guess this was a pretty close second.
SHANE LOWRY:  Yeah, it was amazing the crowds.  I knew there was a few guys from home down and a few of Darren's friends and so forth.  The Irish support was brilliant this week.
PAUL SYMES:  Your win moved you into the top 30 of The Race to Dubai, so you can book your trip to Dubai at the end of the season.
SHANE LOWRY:¬† Yeah, going into this week, a Top‑5 would have got me in.¬† I managed to do a bit better than that, so I¬ím absolutely delighted.

Q.  Getting your first win was a great achievement, but does this top it?
SHANE LOWRY:¬† Yeah, definitely, it was obviously winning in Baltray was special and it will never be forgotten but it's almost like this is another monkey off my back now.¬† To win on Tour, to be a two‑time winner on Tour when you're 25, hopefully I've got a long career ahead of me and I can get plenty more.

Q.¬† Be you said you are going to think about it‑‑ are you still going to America?
SHANE LOWRY:  I'll have to see first of all where my World Ranking is after today and what tournaments this will get me in for the rest of the year.  I'll have to sit down with Conor during the week.  Probably still will.  We'll see from there.

Q.¬† You're about Top‑70‑‑ would that get you into Stage 2 without stage one?
SHANE LOWRY:  It does, does it, gets me straight into Stage 2.  Obviously that would be perfect.

Q.  How would you compare your golf today winning to when you won at Baltray as an amateur, the actual playing of the game, competing?
SHANE LOWRY:¬† Yeah, I don't‑‑ to be honest, I'm four years older now or three years older than when I won in Baltray.¬† I think my golf game is a hundred times better than it was back then.
I feel like I have not fulfilled my potential yet and this is a step to fulfilling my potential and to where I can really go in the world of golf.  If you ask me what my game was like in Baltray and what my game was like today, it's probably different.  I won in Baltray and everything went right for me, and everything went right for me today but my golf is a lot better and I'm a lot more comfortable and feel like I belong on the Tour.

Q.  Do you have any special connection with Portugal, did you play as an amateur or did you play with any of the Portugal players?
SHANE LOWRY:  Yeah, I won a tournament down in Vale do Lobo before as an amateur.  I used to come over for a couple of winters over to practice at Penina.  So I've been there quite a bit.  Spent a bit of time there over the last few years.  I love coming down here.  This golf course really suits me and I love it here, yeah.

Q.  Did you know that we had so many Irish residents here and a lot of people from Ireland?
SHANE LOWRY:  Yeah, I found that out today.  There's obviously a lot of Irish down here.  The weather is great compared to back home, so I can understand why.

Q.  Did you say that the course wasplaying tough?
SHANE LOWRY:¬† The toughest I've ever seen it, because it was so firm, whatever they did to make it‑‑ obviously the weather has been good but the course was very firm and it was quite tough and really enjoyable and a tough test of golf.¬† It was great, yeah.

PAUL SYMES:  Congratulations again.

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