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October 14, 2012

Tim Petrovic


TIM PETROVIC:テつ I had a great line on it.テつ Just kind of pulled his putt coming up so didn't really have a good line on his.テつ I just wanted to give it a chance.テつ Just flipped a Petro stroke on it and it got about four feet from the hole and my eyes got really wide.テつ I was looking at it, and I kind of gave up on it a little bit.テつ It just kind of hung in there.
Dave Matthews, my partner, said about three feet from the hole, kind of bounced up in the air.テつ Have to see the replay.
But it caught the left edge.テつ Could have hit the right side of that thing and gone right in the middle.

Q.テつ You hit some great shots.テつ 14 was great and led to a birdie.テつ No. 9, tell us about the second shot on No. 9.
TIM PETROVIC:テつ Well, you know, 9, I had to go.テつ I couldn't layup.テつ It was a tough pin.テつ The ball is either going to go in the water or up to the back of the green.
Just as I hit, I mean, I absolutely crushed it, and I was saying, Get down and my caddie is saying, Get up.テつ I'm like, Whoa, what do you mean get up?テつ What's wrong?
The wind had just come up.テつ It just hit flush into that bank.テつ I guess it's not as steep on that side.テつ It popped right up and almost went in.テつ Went about two and a half feet away.テつ So that was probably the key shot.
The key shot on the back was the 2‑iron I hit on 15.テつ I mean, basically I had into the wind 500 yards.テつ It was basically like a short par‑5 today.
I stole one on 15.テつ I hit a great second shot and didn't have a great lie in the bunker and hit it actually through the green and made it to the fringe.テつ I was like, Whoa, wait a minute.テつ Here we go.

Q.テつ You really did play well and you controlled your motions.テつ How pumped up were you?テつ It's been a while since the you've been in this position.
TIM PETROVIC:テつ I know.テつ It's been a really long year.テつ I just kept telling my caddie, give me some ‑‑ I'm hungry.テつ I'm must be burning 1000 calories a minute here.テつ If I fall down, just pick me up so I can get in here.
I caught a good break on 17.テつ I saw those guys tee off first and hit it over the green, and so I tried to take a little bit off the driver.テつ I blocked it a little bit, but I knew I got enough of it.テつ I didn't see the bounce, but I think I got a good bounce.
Got a few fortunate bounces today and took advantage of it.

Q.テつ Well you have to do that.テつ What's the thought process right now?テつ You going to sit back and watch?テつ Go to the range?
TIM PETROVIC:テつ Probably shouldn't get my phone because probably about 1000 messages on it.テつ Maybe just go watch a little football and relax a little bit.

Q.テつ (Indiscernible.)
TIM PETROVIC:テつ I played today like I was going to have to Monday qualify next week, and I played it like the Monday qualifier.テつ That was kind of my mindset when I started today.テつ I was going to play like a one‑day shootout.
Throughout my career I've always done well in the Monday qualifiers I guess because I just kind of dial in, focus.テつ I tried to have that mentality today.テつ Seemed to keep me on track so I didn't get ahead of myself.

Q.テつ There are so many guys in the mix...
TIM PETROVIC:テつ I could write down ‑‑ I could fill up a pad of paper all the stuff going through my head on like the last two holes.

Q.テつ Doing the math?
TIM PETROVIC:テつ No, just stuff.テつ Thinking about my family, my brother.テつ I can't talk about it right now.

Q.テつ Which club did you use on that second shot on 9?
TIM PETROVIC:テつ On 9, 2‑iron.

Q.テつ How far was it?
TIM PETROVIC:テつ I think we were about 240 into the wind.テつ Hit into the bank and bounced right up there.

Q.テつ So two and a half feet?
TIM PETROVIC:テつ Two and a half feet, yeah.テつ Almost went in.

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