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October 14, 2012

Joe Torre


Detroit Tigers - 3
New York Yankees - 0

Q.  Joe, can you give us your view of the call and what Jeff said to you?
JOE TORRE:¬† The call was‑‑well, we saw the replay.¬† First, it looked like he may have whiffed it, and then we saw the replay, and he tagged him on the chest before his hand got in.¬† And Jeff, you know, he talked to the pool reporter, and said that from where he was looking at it, it appeared to him like the hand got in before the tag was made.¬† And you know he saw the replay and he saw that, you know, he made the wrong call.

Q.  How much, Joe, does it leave you upset, leave you subdued when something like this happens at this kind of hour?
JOE TORRE:  You know, I understand.  I understand Joey's frustration.  You want everything to be perfect, and it's not perfect.  It's frustrating.  I can't be upset, it's just the sad part about it is umpires, players, managers, they are all human.  And it happens.  Certainly we don't mean for it to happen, and the umpires, you have to be in that room to appreciate how the effect it has on an umpire that missed a call, especially in postseason where obviously the chips are on the table.
But it's been part of this game for a long, long time.  Right now, you know, with all of the technology we have it gets magnified.

Q.  Joe, you probably heard Girardi was in here making a strong call for more instant replay.  And you're an influential voice.  What is your feeling particularly on plays like that?
JOE TORRE:¬† The interesting part about it, I was with the Commissioner at the All‑Star Game and, you know, replay was brought up, and I asked the question, what do we want replay, which particular thing?¬† And I know we're talking about balls past down the line and trap plays.¬† But it always seems we want the replay to be the last thing that happened.
We are certainly sensitive to it.  We are looking into it.  We have technology set up in this ballpark and over at Citi Field the last month of the season and looking at the results of that, but that wouldn't have included the play tonight.
But yeah, you know, it certainly goes into the equation when we make the decision.¬† We have to make sure we don't have any knee‑jerk reaction to something that's, you know, already we settle this tag play at second base, and all of a sudden we find, you know, something else comes up and something else comes up, and the game goes on and on forever and forever.
So we're looking into it.  We're not saying it can happen, but right now we haven't really come to any conclusion on what's the best way to go about it and not make the game drag and go longer than they are going already.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you so much, Joe.

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