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October 14, 2012

Duffy Waldorf


PHIL STAMBAUGH:テつ Duffy, final round 66, you and Fred back and forth there on the back nine, quite a duel, and you just come up one short when he birdies the last hole.テつ Overall thoughts about your first Greater Hickory Classic at Rock Barn.
DUFFY WALDORF:テつ Well, it was a very exciting tournament.テつ I was happy when I got here.テつ I loved the course and I thought it was going to be a pretty good setup for me.テつ The course was in great shape, and I felt my game was‑‑ had been playing well.テつ I came in‑‑ this week I really drove the ball well, made a big difference.テつ I was playing out of the fairway a lot and had a lot of reasonable approaches.テつ I didn't feel like I had my total game this week, so I was happy with the result.
My putting really saved me the last two days.テつ I had two great days of putting yesterday and today, and that made the difference.テつ I would have liked to have hit the ball closer a few more times because I was rolling in the putts.
But all in all, it was a great week for me.
PHIL STAMBAUGH:テつ You just want to take us through the round?テつ You started, what, four back, and then you birdied four in a five‑hole stretch there.
DUFFY WALDORF:テつ Yeah, I got it going.テつ I didn't really worry about where everyone was at.テつ I parred the first couple holes and made a really nice putt on No.3, which really got me going.テつ It was about a 45‑ or 50‑foot putt for birdie.
And then I hit it close on the next hole, the par‑5, made about a five‑footer for birdie there.テつ I laid up and hit a sand wedge in.
And then on No.6, had a nice approach there, long drive down the fairway, had about 120 yards and used the slope behind the hole and hit it in there about six feet and made that for birdie with a wedge.
And then the next hole, the par‑5, I hit a good 3‑wood off the tee and hit my hybrid just over the green.テつ Good shot, though, just about a 35‑footer, and I two‑putted that.テつ So that got me to 4‑under pretty quick.
And then I made some nice putts for par after that, had some‑‑ didn't get the ball in good shape really most of the rest of the day.テつ I made‑‑ an 11 I made just an incredible putt.テつ I had to go up the slope probably 45 feet and just slammed it right in there.テつ The funny thing is I did the same thing yesterday with the pin in the back.
No.11 was really‑‑ No.11 got me, felt like I was right there.テつ I didn't have to worry about anything other than just seeing if I could finish out the round strong, and I made a good birdie on the par‑5.テつ Just didn't really hit the ball close of the rest of the way coming in.テつ I would have liked to have driven it better on 18, but other than that‑‑ I didn't hit a very good wedge‑‑ I didn't play 18 well, but it's hard to quibble when you've played all the other holes really well.
PHIL STAMBAUGH:テつ 14 your birdie was how far?
DUFFY WALDORF:テつ That was about a four‑footer.
PHIL STAMBAUGH:テつ You hit wedge in there?
DUFFY WALDORF:テつ Yeah.テつ I didn't go for the green.テつ I hit a 3‑wood on my second, I got it up by the green, I had 54 yards, and I hit a really nice wedge in there about four feet.

Q.テつ You've toned it down clothes‑wise.テつ Is that something different for the Champions Tour?
DUFFY WALDORF:テつ Well, I'm still looking for a sponsor.テつ That's what happens when you get old.テつ You don't have sponsors.テつ You can see I've got my Ryder Cup sweater on from 2006, so I have to buy my clothes.テつ There's not a lot of flowered shirts out there anymore, so I've been wearing the easiest‑to‑get clothes.テつ I think I've got Nike on today.テつ Kind of whatever I can find that's on sale.

Q.テつ Do people not recognize you?
DUFFY WALDORF:テつ Yeah, that's a good thing.テつ That's part of it.テつ I have a little workout regime I've been doing.テつ The idea is I've come out here as a new person, so I'm really‑‑ I look a lot different and my clothes are different, too.

Q.テつ What does a finish like this do for you?
DUFFY WALDORF:テつ Well, I've been happy with this year.テつ I've played well this year, and this was nice to be in contention.テつ The other tournaments on the Champions Tour I've kind of been a little bit out of it and had good final rounds and got in the top 10.テつ But this was the first one where I was top 3 starting the day, so I had good‑‑ I was within touch of the leaders.テつ It was nice to have a good, solid round when you're right there with a chance to win.

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