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May 28, 2005

Bradley Dredge


BRADLEY DREDGE: The winds were gusting, so just try and keep it low, try to keep it out of the wind really. Just try to keep it out of the tree line a lot of times, especially starting off, the first three holes are very difficult. Just try to keep the ball in play and middle of the green.

It's very tricky, it's bouncy. I hit a driver on the third and kicked in the bunker. Didn't think about the course, just tried to play it out, try to get on the green and 2 putt and actually holed the putt. Couldn't complain. The putt made up for the bounce.

It's tricky, it really is. I'm pleased with the score.

Q. The wind, how great of a factor is it?

BRADLEY DREDGE: Oh, around this course, well, any course, it's huge, but around here it tends to swirl a bit, as well. The greens are firm and it's difficult actually getting the right club. A lot of times, I'll just hit in the middle of the green. I don't even try to go at the flags. Just hit middle of the green unless I have a wedge, and I know I can go at it, just middle of the green and try to hole the putt from there.

Q. And always nice to finish with a birdie.

BRADLEY DREDGE: Always nice to finish with a birdie, that's for sure, very good second shot from the left rough, so go chase it on the green. And just didn't hit it hard enough for eagle but I'll take birdie, that's for sure.

Q. You must be very pleased with the last two days?

BRADLEY DREDGE: Oh, very. I said yesterday, my best score, three rounds in the 60s here for me is very good golf.

Q. One more 60 tomorrow?

BRADLEY DREDGE: A 60 would be nice. 69, 68, anything would be good in the 60s.

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