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October 13, 2012

Vijay Singh


Q. テつBirdied 15, 16; eagle was impressive at 17.テつ You're right there.
VIJAY SINGH:テつ Yeah, I have to deal with the first nine, though.テつ The 9th hole has been a torture for me.テつ (Indiscernible.)
Get it going on the back nine, you know, tomorrow is another day.テつ The pins were a little tougher today, so that's why the scores are not as low.
Playing well.テつ I found something in my putting that's working really, really good, so hopefully tomorrow I can get some going.

Q.テつ I've followed you quite a bit this year.テつ You've played so well.テつ You got to believe really confident going into tomorrow, because sooner or later this is going to click for you.
VIJAY SINGH:テつ Yeah, you know, the problem was my putting on the weekend.テつ I felt really weird with my putting stroke.テつ It worked good for two days and come under the gun.
But this week has been looking good.テつ I've changed my grip a little bit and it's flowing really freely.テつ So that's a big plus.

Q.テつ Did you discover it amidst the round or before the round?
VIJAY SINGH:テつ No, no, no.テつ I putted well all week.テつ I didn't make that many the first two days, but the strokes were good and rolling at a good pace.

Q.テつ It's fun to watch you play, so good luck tomorrow.テつ I think you got a real shot tomorrow.
VIJAY SINGH:テつ Thank you.

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