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October 13, 2012

Russell Knox


Q.  Talk about your round and how you got it going today.
RUSSELL KNOX:  Played very well all day.  I mean, I hit ball where I was looking, which was nice.  The first few days I just wasn't sure about my swing.  First day it was rainy and cold, especially coming from last week being so warm.
Today for whatever reason I felt right on the money.  I was just swinging freer and hitting the lines and that.  I've felt great on the greens all week.  I've hit a lot of good putts I've just missed, and a few went in today.
No, I was very, very pleased.  Close to as good as I golf.

Q.  You know where you are on the Money List.  Do you come into the Fall Series with a little more freer attitude?
RUSSELL KNOX:  I look at it this way:  I've not done as well as I would have liked, but the odds of playing better as the year went on have increased because I struggled at the start.
So I knew that I wasn't going to play awful all year.  I mean, every week you get that little bit more comfortable with everything, my clubs and my swing, and I feel ready to go.

Q.  You touched on this a little bit before.  The course, a lot different weather conditions today than the first two.  Did it play significantly different for you?
RUSSELL KNOX:  Yeah, I mean, this is the most perfect weather day in the history of golf.  I mean, a little colder in the morning and then as the day goes on, I mean, this is perfect.  Hardly any wind, 75.
No, today was definitely a day where you could be aggressive.  The greens are pretty soft.  No, this is as good as you can hope for.

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