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October 12, 2012

Andy Pettitte


Baltimore Orioles - 1
New York Yankees - 3

Q. テつAndy, but when you think about the Tigers and the 3‑4‑hitters, how do you thinking about pitching?
ANDY PETTITTE:テつ Obviously knowing I was in the pen tonight maybe and just focused on this game, no time at all to think about it.テつ Obviously you have Cabrera in there and Fielder, great hitters.テつ Just hope you can get out there and make quality pitches.テつ Nothing different, you know, just try to make quality pitches.
You know it is going to be tough games.テつ And for me hopefully have good command of all of my pitches, not walk any guys and give us a chance to win, and hopefully give us a good outing.

Q.テつ I am sure you have been asked this question many times, but this is what you came back for, to start the opening of the American League Championship Series, and be in the big spot once again.
ANDY PETTITTE:テつ Yeah, it is.テつ Like I said, you know, a lot of times I came back to hopefully help this club get into this position, to help this pitching staff, to help take some of the stress off the other starters, and hopefully be able to give us quality starts whenever I take the mound, and give us a chance to hopefully get deep in the games and give us a chance to win.テつ So it's nice to feel like I have been able to do that, whenever I have been able to be healthy and get out there.テつ So excited about the opportunity to be in this series, obviously to move along.テつ I don't think we have been out of the first round since '09, I believe.

Q.テつ Two years ago.
ANDY PETTITTE:テつ Two years ago.テつ So it is great.テつ It is great to get through the first round and move on to the League Championship Series.

Q.テつ The responsibility you talked about, do you feel it even more now that obviously CC had to get the team through this and not pitching until the middle of the series?テつ Does it put more on you in terms of carrying that responsibility?
ANDY PETTITTE:テつ Yeah.テつ I couldn't say that I feel any more pressure, I just‑‑look, we have to have a team effort.テつ We have to have our starters throwing the ball well, or we're not going to win this series probably.テつ I feel like I am able to simplify it to that extent.テつ Definitely need to give us a good start and get the series off to a good first game, that's for sure.

Q.テつ How impressed are you with the job the staff did overall, over the five games?
ANDY PETTITTE:テつ Obviously very impressed.テつ CC, you can't say enough about what he has done.テつ To be able to go on the road, it is tough.テつ Postseason is tough on the road, pitching in those games.テつ And to do what he did, make the pitches that he did when he was in trouble in Baltimore, to get us into the ninth inning like he did.テつ And tonight, just absolutely amazing.テつ Everyone, Kuroda did an unbelievable job.テつ Phil threw the ball great last night.テつ I felt I was able to get us deep into the game and give us a chance to win.テつ We have thrown the ball well in this series.テつ The bullpen has been great.テつ Runs were hard to come by in this first series, and hopefully we can carry that over right into the next series here.

Q.テつ Andy, you have gotten to see Miguel Cabrera a lot.テつ Pitching against him when he was a rookie in the World Series and the National League, back in the American League.テつ What impressed you about him and especially watching what he did this year?
ANDY PETTITTE:テつ He is just a great hitter.テつ Obviously he doesn't have a whole lot of holes.テつ He's got power to the opposite field, and he's got obviously pull power.テつ So when you have got a guy like that, he's tough to get out.テつ When you have a guy that has the power that he does, to hit the balls out especially in Detroit, and right field Detroit being a right‑handed hitter that is just special.テつ And then what he has done this year, winning the Triple Crown with an average like that, it's pretty remarkable, you know, to see what he has done.テつ He will be a big key.テつ To try to shut him down, I don't know if you can shut him down, but try to keep him from doing too much damage in the series, and that's key to us winning the series, that's for sure.

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