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July 23, 2005

Bradley Dredge


RODDY WILLIAMS: Bradley, you're 9 under par, leading the tournament at the moment. Not quite as low as yesterday but still a pretty good round.

BRADLEY DREDGE: Pretty steady today, a lot of fairways and greens. I didn't have as many chances but pretty pleased with the round.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Having started with losing your opening tee shot and a double bogey, you're in a nice position.

BRADLEY DREDGE: Yeah, I was saying in the buggy now, you don't know what's going to happen in this game, and I obviously played well after my opening tee shot. Thought it could be an early exit from this one, so you never know what's going to happen.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Did that help you know focus more, thinking that you have to dig deep a little bit here?

BRADLEY DREDGE: Yeah, I've been playing for 20 years and you sort of get used to hitting bad shots. They happen all the time, hopefully not as often as you want. But, you know, it happens and you just have the mental strength to just sort of get on with the next shot.

Q. Could you tell us exactly what did happen with that tee shot and precisely what snap hooked it?

BRADLEY DREDGE: I hit a pull hook. There's a water hazard on the left, we got up there and there was no real rush on the other side and the ball wasn't there, but you don't know whether it's gone in the hazard; it could be anywhere.

So unfortunately the rules are pretty sort of strict and you've got to be careful nowadays, so I was better off just going back to the tee and playing three from the tee. It may have gone in the hazard, but you've got to be 95 percent certain.

Q. You thought it went in there and that's where it crossed?

BRADLEY DREDGE: Obviously they did have some marshals there. One thought he heard it hit the wood, but you just don't know.

Q. 95 percent certain, not 100%?

BRADLEY DREDGE: Well, I've just been reading a notice this week, 95 percent. So, in other words, you've got to be, you know, pretty sure that it's gone in the hazard.

Q. I presume this is the first time that's happened to you on an opening tee shot, an event completely lost?

BRADLEY DREDGE: I think it probably is, actually. It doesn't happen very often. But I think it's probably the first tee shot in a tournament where I've just winged it like that left and lost the ball.

Q. Given that start, are you surprised to be sitting here where you are this afternoon?

BRADLEY DREDGE: Yeah, very. As I said earlier, you just don't know what's going to happen in this game. It's strange how things sort of turned around. I teed off on the 10th yesterday and obviously lost the ball. And 11th hole I didn't hit a very good tee shot, hit it right, holed it on the right and holed it from 20 feet, a big, swinging putt, and all of a sudden you're 1 over after two. And then make a 35 foot foot putt on the 13th, so you're back to level par, you think "Well, I'm okay now, then you're back in the game.

Q. Obviously you had the win in Madeira and unfortunately haven't been able to win since; Tim was saying you've been making some changes to your swing?

BRADLEY DREDGE: Yeah, certainly 2003, 2004, I just didn't hit the ball that great, particularly last year. I really struggled tee to green.

So I just decided that, you know, I needed to try something else. So I went to see Claude Harmon and a couple of other guys, and Claude sort of seemed to I felt that I seemed to get on well with him, and he seemed to explain very well to me what I needed to do.

So, you need to be able to communicate really well with these guys because sometimes they can be babbling on about things and you don't even understand what they are going on about. So you need to have a good relationship with them to actually understand what they are trying to get you to do.

Q. Without the science, what was it you changed?

BRADLEY DREDGE: It's just a matter of I had the club face very closed on the backswing. Me being a golfer and not a coach, I could look at my golf swing all day long really and not really notice it to be honest. That's why you employ a lot of these coaches, mind doctors, whatever you want to call it, to try to help you out because you're not aware sometimes of what you're actually doing.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Let's get the details of your four birdies and one bogey.

BRADLEY DREDGE: Third hole, I hit a tee shot just in the right rough and laid up. Hit a gap wedge in to about 12 feet, rolled it right in the middle. So that got me going.

Birdie on 12. I hit it 5 iron, hit it a bit heavy and the flag was 25 on, so I holed it from 60 feet which is always a bit of a bonus really.

Bogeyed the next with a 3 putt. Got the club wrong and ended up on the edge of the green and 3 putted.

Knocked it on the par 5 in two. Hit it in the middle of the green and that was about 257 yards to the hole, downwind, so quite comfortable to get there and then solid 2 putt.

Then 17, hit a good drive, 3 wood, just short of the green, a good pitch, and I had a bit of a double breaking eight footer which I managed to negotiate, so that was nice to hole that one.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Bradley, well done. Good luck tomorrow.

End of FastScripts.

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