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October 28, 2005

Bradley Dredge


Q. What's pleased you most about your play?

BRADLEY DREDGE: I hit the ball very well the last sort of 27 holes. The first day I didn't actually play a great round but since then I've played very nicely. Gave myself chances, and haven't putted great, which is a bit unlike me. The greens are good and I gave myself a lot of chances and I was very patient. I made a good save on the last and I made a birdie on 17. So, nice finish on last two holes.

Q. You've had success in the past; is this a course that you lick your lips at the thought of coming back?

BRADLEY DREDGE: Yeah, it's funny, because I think it's a tough course, but it's one of those places where it just sort of suits your eye a little bit; for some reason, seems to suit my game. I don't mind, I hit the ball -- I can hit it quite low, so around here, like the last, I chipped a little nine to the green and take the spin off it. I don't mind hitting that sort of shot. So I think around here a lot of the greens on some of the holes it's easy to hit that sort of shot. You can control it better because the wind sort of swirls.

Q. How do you feel about the weekend now?

BRADLEY DREDGE: Well, Monty is going at the same rate, there are some really good players in front of me. Just keep playing well the next few days and give myself a chance.

Q. That was Monty that got the better of you last time. You wouldn't mind a head-to-head with him at some point over the weekend?

BRADLEY DREDGE: I know he's playing great this year. Especially the latter part of the year, he's played great at the British Open, won the dunhill and feels as though he's playing some of his best golf.

Q. He's 10-under.

BRADLEY DREDGE: 10, now is it? 6-under, that's good going. I saw he was 4-under after six or eight holes. That's good golf. It's not easy. And there's actually a bit more wind today, so that's good.

Q. Another weekend where you've put yourself in position; regardless of what he does, on this course, you're still right in there.

BRADLEY DREDGE: Yeah, all I can do, at the beginning of the year, I wanted to get myself in there more often. 2002, I had a lot of Top-10s, ten Top-10s, but only one or two chances to win a tournament. And went out again this year and improved by ball-striking a lot I think, and it's enabled me then to be more consistent and get myself up there and get the score to sort of make a score rather than just sort of save myself all the time.

So, you know, I'm really pleased with the way it's gone.

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