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October 11, 2012

Bruce Bochy


San Francisco テや 6
Cincinnati - 4

Q.テつ Obviously the six runs was huge, but can you take us through the emotions of going down the stretch.テつ The Reds had 17 guys on base today, and everything you had to do to overcome that.
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ Well, it says a lot about their club, and how good they are, and the character that they have.テつ This was a hazard‑fought game, we got up 6 runs and they kept coming back off a good pitcher, Matty and our bullpen and Romo got in a jam and he found a way to get through it.
But these guys‑‑ two games there could have gone either way.テつ We got that last out and obviously euphoria hits, but I complement the Reds on how hard they fought back in that game and we barely hung on.テつ The torture is back here, I guess, but what happened here I couldn't be prouder of a bunch of guys.
To come in here and do what they did is quite a task, and it's going against all odds and they found a way to get it done.

Q.テつ Did the lead feel safe after the grand slam?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ You like a 6‑nothing lead, especially with Matt Cain out there, you hit the first batter and Phillips, who had a great series, he got 'em on the board there and momentum starts to change and you're trying to get it back and we couldn't add on.
You're guys were making pitches when they had to.テつ Affeldt, Romo, Kontos, all of 'em did a great job the whole series.テつ We had our guy out there, Romo, actually got a bad break.テつ Affeldt took a ball off his thumb; he was going back out there to face the first hitter and we had to take him out, and Lopez had to go in or else he might have been in there in the 9th inning.

Q.テつ What have you learned about Hunter off the field in the past few days?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ I knew it, but you learn more about a player when you see him day‑in, day‑out.テつ He's full throttle.
He really got the guys charged up the whole series, just a great job of getting all the fellas fired up every day.テつ We weren't ready to go home and that message kept going across and Hunter every day he was talking to them, before the game you saw him in the dugout and these guys played inspiring baseball, for three games to do what we did, I guess it's history, it's never been done in Giants history.

Q.テつ You got a good game from Crawford from both sides, was it Crawford the whole way or‑‑
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ Actually that's a good question.テつ I slept on it and I decided to go with Crawford and he got us going with that base hit, he's our best defensive shortstop and we had Matt Cain out there and I said I'm going with what we have went with all year, and he had a huge hit and played great ball and I'm glad I stuck with him.

Q.テつ Can you describe what Buster means in this series, twice in this series he throws out guys at third base and I'm sure part of his importance is how he deals with the situations like the 9th inning and making sure that the relievers can control their emotions.
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ He's a leader on this club.テつ He leads by example, he's a calming influence and you saw him go out to the mound just to slow guys down and the strikeout and throwing the guy out at third, that's a turning point in the ballgame and Matt Cain made a great pitch, he was facing a great hitter, he was coming out after that, but he made a great pitch to get the strikeout and Posey got 'em at third and that turned things around.

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