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October 10, 2012

Ricardo Santos


RICARDO SANTOS:テつ Yeah, it's an exciting week, like everybody knows, I have all the crowd, the family, the friends, to watch the tournament, of course watch me, I hope.テつ That's very good for me, and it's a good help for Portuguese players and for me, as well.

Q.テつ And is it genuinely a help, it not an added pressure or any extra discipline that you've got to involve?
RICARDO SANTOS:テつ Yeah, it could be sometimes additional pressure.テつ Depends how you play.テつ I think normal helps, because you feel somebody support you and help you to give good shots and make the good score.

Q.テつ When you think back to Madeira, was that the case that you were moving through the weekend in particular and feeling that support from the home supporters?
RICARDO SANTOS:テつ Yeah, definitely, in Madeira I feel that, especially the last day, even when I miss one shot, all the crowd support me and help me to go and keep going.テつ And like I say, I think normal helps and it's really, really good.テつ I feel good with that.

Q.テつ So were there moments then during that tournament perhaps when if it was another tournament, you would have got down on yourself and suddenly everybody was cheering, rousing you on, and so you dug deeper?
RICARDO SANTOS:テつ Yes, this happens sometimes, as well, when you don't have support with the crowd.テつ It sometimes happens.テつ But, well, you have to concentrate on your game and keep going and hit the shot.

Q.テつ Has life changed?テつ Is it different for you since the victory?
RICARDO SANTOS:テつ Change a bit, not really much, but change a little bit.テつ Now till the season finish, you can take a lot of pressure.テつ So try to enjoy all the weeks, and give our best.テつ So that's the key.

Q.テつ You getting recognized all the more here at home?
RICARDO SANTOS:テつ Yeah, definitely, here it's‑‑ I recognize all the people.

Q.テつ I suppose for years, Josテδゥ Felipe Lima attracted all of the attention because he was a European Tour winner; now do you find there's more commitments you have to do around Portugal.
RICARDO SANTOS:テつ Yeah, definitely I think Josテδゥ helps a lot of golf in Portugal when he comes, and he's already win on The European Tour, so it's a big help.テつ He's representing very well Portugal.テつ I think it's a good help for Portugal and for us, as well, for the players.

Q.テつ I've got to ask how well you're playing, because we haven't seen you at the top of the leaderboard for a little while.
RICARDO SANTOS:テつ That's right.テつ Last week I played quite well, just third day, then the thing doesn't happen, so I don't make the cut, but I'm quite happy with the game.テつ So I think I start to improve my game ‑‑ and well, I work hard for that.テつ So I hope this week works better.

Q.テつ What about your game on this course, so many birdies to be made, so many good low scores, is it your kind of course?
RICARDO SANTOS:テつ Yeah, it's my kind of course, my kind of shape course.テつ The greens are really nice this week, so I think better than the last three years.テつ And like I say before, no rough on the tee, so that helps a little bit.

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