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October 10, 2012

Dusty Baker


Q.テつ You made the decision today on Leake and Johnny Cueto, two decisions.テつ But what pushed you over to take Johnny off the roster and how badly is he hurt?
DUSTY BAKER:テつ It was a tough decision, big‑time.テつ I got together with Walt and Bryan Price and our doctors, and it didn't appear that at best Johnny was going to be ready maybe at the end of the series, and maybe one game the next series.
You have to get to the next series first, and like I said, it was a very tough decision.テつ Could have gone with Latos today, but he was on four‑day's rest; and could have gone with Arroyo and he would have been on four day's rest, so we went with the fresh body.

Q.テつ How is Mat?テつ We heard he was sick.テつ Is he okay?
DUSTY BAKER:テつ Yeah, he's okay, everybody said he was sick but it's a matter of him having allergies and just like I have and a lot of people in the Ohio valley have here, so‑‑ you know Mat, Mat is Mat, you know what I mean?テつ He's okay.

Q.テつ Did Mike Leake know last night that he was going to be pitching today?
DUSTY BAKER:テつ Well, Mike Leake knew he might be pitching today.テつ He knew there was a good chance.テつ He's known for possibly a couple of days, not that he would be pitching but he was preparing to pitch.テつ He was studying the charts, he was looking at the game, he was in the video room.テつ That's Mike Leake.
Mike Leake is that kinda guy that's always prepared, always studying, and we told Leake that, you know, this might come about, especially after SanFrancisco.テつ You have to be prepared all the time.テつ We try to tell all our guys this because you never know what can happen and when a guy might be called into service.テつ So that's what can happen to him.

Q.テつ Just going back to last night, you had an opportunity, if you wanted, to walk Arias and get Romo out of the game.テつ Can you let us on why you let Broxton pitch to Arias?
DUSTY BAKER:テつ In that situation, we had him out, it's not like we got a hit.テつ Plus you had a chance to get Romo out of the game, but you had a dangerous pinch hitter in Sanchez up next, he gets a hit or home run or whatever it is, Sanchez is a very good hitter.
In that situation we knew that Arias was good against left handers, and not that good of a hitter against right handers.テつ I don't want to put my pitcher in that situation.

Q.テつ It's ironic that you're dealing with this pitching injury right now.テつ You guys have been so healthy all year.テつ How important was that health in your pitching staff to get you where you were?テつ And as someone who has possibly put together a few pitching staffs with rubber bands and paper clips over the years, what does it do to a team to lose a pitcher at a crucial time?
DUSTY BAKER:テつ Number one, it helps a lot when you go through the whole year not having any pitchers go down.テつ You don't have to replace 'em with anybody out of the minors or with somebody outside of the organization.テつ And guys know when they're pitching, guys know when they're catching.テつ It makes for continuity, big‑time continuity.
When this happened the other day, that was devastating at the moment, but you have to get over that and realize, hey, we have a game to play and we got more games to play and that you realize what the problem is.テつ Now we have to deal with the solution.
You know, you can't sit there and cry over what could have happened, or, man, this guy is out.テつ We have been dealing with this all year long.テつ Not in pitching, but we've been dealing with this with Joey Votto being hurt, with Brandon Phillips being hurt, Drew Stubbs was hurt, Cozart was hurt.テつ We've been dealing with this all year long.テつ It's just something else that we have to overcome.

Q.テつ If you would just go over the thinking in starting Todd over Scott at third base and Scott being the competitor or veteran he is, what kind of a discussion you had with him.
DUSTY BAKER:テつ I haven't had a discussion with him yet.テつ I was hoping to have it with him‑‑ I caught him on the phone on the way in here, but this is the same thing I have been doing all year long.テつ After day games I usually don't play Scott after day games.テつ Even though this is an afternoon game and yesterday was an evening game, it's a situation where I'm going to get asked no matter who plays.
On one hand if we don't play Frazier, how come he's not playing, and if you play‑‑ on the other hand if you play Rolen.テつ Frazier has had very good results against Zito, so it's a matter of‑‑ and the same reason I'm playing Navarro over Hanigan.テつ Same reason why they're playing‑‑ Belt is not playing.テつ There is always a reason.

Q.テつ Assuming it's all hands on deck bullpen‑wise for each of the next two days, everybody is available to go?
DUSTY BAKER:テつ Yeah, everybody is available.テつ Our bullpen is fresh, very fresh.テつ

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