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February 3, 2006

Bradley Dredge


Q. Great start?

BRADLEY DREDGE: Great start. Hit two good shots on the green and then holed from 60 feet. Hit four wood on the green. I played the back nine great. 13th was actually driver, 4 wood on the green again, just off the left edge, lipped out for eagle. It's nice to make a birdie there.

The par 3, 15th, 8 iron in to about eight or ten feet, straight up the hill, an easy putt.

On 18, I hit 3 wood, 4 wood left of the green and a really good chip to about eight feet and knocked that in.

Got off to a good start on the front. But 3 putted 4 and that sort of I hit a couple of bad shots after that then. The front nine is a lot harder to score. The wind sort of switched a little bit and it was difficult to pitch it.

Q. Did the 3 putt knock the momentum a little bit?

BRADLEY DREDGE: Yeah. The first putt was a good 60 feet, pulled my tee shot left.

Q. Overall, you're right up there in the thick of things?

BRADLEY DREDGE: Yeah, I played well yesterday, but turned a 66 into a 70. Today I just kept it going a bit more. I was pleased with the score

Q. How are you feeling playing at the moment?

BRADLEY DREDGE: It's only my second event. Took quite a bit of time off over the winter as a lot of guys do, so a little bit rusty, but overall pretty pleased with it.

Q. The weekend, there's some impressive player above you on the leaderboard.

BRADLEY DREDGE: Yeah, obviously he's playing well, he has played behind me the last two rounds and he's going to be tough to catch.

Q. Were you aware of Tiger out on the course today?

BRADLEY DREDGE: It was pretty good. It was pretty slow on the back nine, the first nine holes, but to be fair, the crowds were not too intrusive. It was never a problem. You know, it was fine.

Q. Were you aware of his scoring, as well?

BRADLEY DREDGE: I could see he was going well and flying at one time. You can do that on this course, get into the groove on this course, get some good lines to the greens an get on a good run. It gives you something to shoot at and you know you have to keep making birdies.

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