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October 9, 2012

Ze Zhang


Y. LU/Z. Zhang
6‑0, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  I felt that you were in a little bit of a hurry today.  Is it because you were thinking too much after winning some matches in the recent past?
ZE ZHANG:  At the very beginning I was not nervous, but I think I'm not used to the court.  This is my first time to play a game at night.
My opponent is a very fast player, so I need some time to get used to his style.  I wasn't able to get used to it.

Q.  How are you able to keep your composure on the court?
ZE ZHANG:  I think to win some past matches should give me more confidence.  But maybe, as you said, I wanted to win the match so I was a little bit too impatient today.  That's possible.

Q.  You beat Gasquet in Beijing, and you lost today.  Do you think you learned more from the match with Gasquet or from the match today?
ZE ZHANG:  I think I learned in both matches.  Everybody can see in today's match that there is a gap between me and some other higher‑ranked players.
I may beat these players one or two times but not in a consistent way, so I think I need to win more matches.
I think I need to improve in a more complete manner.  That includes the skills as well as my confidence level.  When I win more matches, I will have more confidence and then I think I can have a more consistent performance.

Q.  Today's match, you always went to the court earlier than your opponent.  Why is that?
ZE ZHANG:  I think it's my habit.  Also, for this umpire, he gave more time for taking a break than other umpires.  That is why I went back to the court earlier than my opponent.

Q.  In the past two weeks you've had a lot of attention and have been invited to many events.  Do you think the ATP tournament is a good thing?  Will this boost your expectations that you will want to be a member of the ATP tour?
ZE ZHANG:  I think I'm honored to be able to communicate with these players.  It's a very good thing for me.  I get the chance to learn a lot from them both on the court as well as outside of the court.

Q.  Your updated ranking is 141.  Apparently your ranking is getting higher and higher.  Do you think you have more confidence or do you feel you have more obstacles?
ZE ZHANG:  I think I will have more confidence.  Even if I lost one match, it's okay because ultimately it's only a match.  I think I will still have a lot of opportunities in the future.  So I will forget this match and focus more on the next match.

Q.  I know after the Shanghai Rolex Masters you will go to Nanjing for the wild card competition for the Australian Open.
ZE ZHANG:  I don't think I get the chance to play the main draw in the Australian Open, so I really cherish the opportunity of this wild card competition.  It's a very good opportunity for me.  I will definitely try my utmost to try to get the chance.

Q.  At this time you get the chance to be together with high‑ranked players.  For you on the practice court and in the locker room, I wonder whether you will observe these great players and have you learned anything from them?
ZE ZHANG:  For these great players, of course they have their own styles and habits.  I will not follow these players.  I will try to create my own style.

Q.  After this match I found that you looked relaxed in talking to Lu.  What is the number one thing you admire the most about him?
ZE ZHANG:  He's not young anymore.  I can see that he practiced a lot and worked very hard.  That's not easy.  He always kept his performance level in each match and in each practice.  I think this is an area that I can learn a lot from him.

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