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October 9, 2012

Buster Posey

Sergio Romo


San Francisco テや 2
Cincinnati テや 1

Q.テつ Buster, just wondering, obviously Bailey pitched very, very well today.テつ You guys not hitting, how frustrating is it getting, and does the fact that Cincinnati's pitching is going to be messed up, their starting pitching, for the rest of the series give you any encouragement?
BUSTER POSEY:テつ It's definitely less frustrating when we win.テつ Hopefully with that last inning getting a couple of hits we can take momentum into tomorrow.テつ Bailey was really good.
He was throwing the ball hard, and he was hiding it well and he was sinking it, cutting it, and forcing it.テつ So definitely tip your hat to his performance today.

Q.テつ Buster, the first inning, the wild pitch, were you surprised to see Phillips heading toward third or was anybody shouting to you for third base?
BUSTER POSEY:テつ I was a little surprised.テつ But I also know he's aggressive and he was running on the pitch, so you are anticipating it, so I was able to make a good throw and get him.

Q.テつ Buster, 0‑3 in those first three at‑bats, couple of strikeouts, looked like you had a hard time seeing Homer, and once you get to that 10th inning, what was your mindset as you stepped in, you got that crucial single?
BUSTER POSEY:テつ Well, Broxton is tough as well.テつ He was throwing hard and moving the ball around and I was really trying not to do too much, get the barrel on it and was able to come up with a hit.

Q.テつ Serg, could you talk about the emotion inside the dugout in the top of the 10th inning and you going out there in the bottom half, the series‑‑ nothing had gone right for this team in this series, you got a couple of hits, caught a break and were able to win an elimination game, the emotions inside and out?
SERGIO ROMO:テつ In the dugout, everyone was up and fired up and saying, "We can get it done.テつ We've got to this is now."テつ And there is no lack of belief on this team.テつ We believe in ourselves, and we go out there and play hard.テつ The emotion is definitely there.テつ We're a high‑strung team and we have a lot of energy and being able to take that into the top of the tenth and get ahead, I mean, it's huge for us.
And for me personally to be able it to get it done in the 10th, it's in my head I've got to get it done, play for another day.テつ And it went well for us, we were fortunate.

Q.テつ Buster, what was Vogelsong doing well today?
BUSTER POSEY:テつ He just threw the ball really well to both sides of the plate and it started with his fastball.テつ He was able to run it in on the righties' hands, sink it the to the lefties, threw some off‑speed pitches behind in the count I think to keep him off the heater a little bit and I'm happy for him, he did a nice job.

Q.テつ Buster at the last game you said you were going to have to scratch and claw, you get no hits for 5 and 2/3rds, you score on a pass ball.テつ Is this the definition of that?
BUSTER POSEY:テつ I would say it's a pretty good definition.テつ I think we have to be really happy that we came away with this win tonight because we didn't swing the bats very well at all, and Vogey and going to the pen with Affeldt and Casilla and Lopey and Serg, you know, they were outstanding.

Q.テつ Either or both of you, is this the beginning of torture 12?テつ Do you guys thrive on these games?テつ If you look back in 2010, the first NLDS against the Braves, every one of those games was like tonight, and are these the type of games you thrive on?
SERGIO ROMO:テつ These are the type of games we have played all season long.テつ We are a gritty and grinding team.テつ We play for the guy next to us, not for ourselves, the greater good.
If this is the example of the will to fight, the will to win, the will to survive, this is the way we have been playing all year long.テつ It's the "balls to the wall" type scenario.テつ It is what it is.

Q.テつ Sergio, both you and Jeremy were able to go two innings tonight, I assume you take the ball fast again tomorrow.テつ Do you think that limits you at all in any way for tomorrow?
SERGIO ROMO:テつ This is playoffs.テつ We fight to get here.テつ This is what we push for this all season long.テつ There is no time to step back and think of myself.テつ It's for everybody else, for everybody playing orange and black.テつ If I get asked to pitch tomorrow I'm very ready and very willing.
The team has confidence in me when I'm in the game.テつ We have confidence in everybody.テつ But the thing is we've got to get it done.テつ We're playing every day.テつ We're playing for tomorrow, and if I get asked to, yeah, I will definitely be ready.テつ

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