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October 9, 2012

Dusty Baker


San Francisco テや 2
Cincinnati テや 1

Q.テつ I don't want to overlook what Homer did tonight, but can you talk to us about the plan tomorrow?
DUSTY BAKER:テつ As of right now we're not sure yet.テつ We're going to go in and discuss it and find out all the parties involved and then try to come up with a solution tonight.テつ I mean, I wish I had an answer, but I don't.

Q.テつ Do you know what the options are?
DUSTY BAKER:テつ Yeah, the options are probably Latos, on the second three‑day in a row rest and Leake, probably.テつ Those are the option right now.

Q.テつ Dusty, you mentioned Leake.テつ If you guys used him, that would mean that Johnny Cueto is off the roster and I know you got to get there before you can play it but having the championship series coming how difficult is it to go through that consideration with your ace?
DUSTY BAKER:テつ It's very difficult, but it all depends if your ace can't go or whatever it is.
So you have to go with the healthy bodies.テつ You hate missing, that's part of the consideration, you know, is us going without him.テつ We realize what's at stake and that's part of the decision if a guy can‑‑ if we think he's going to be able to go in the next series.

Q.テつ The first inning today, does that weigh on your mind that you had a chance to score more than the one run that you got?
DUSTY BAKER:テつ No, it doesn't weigh on my mind.テつ Brandon is a heads‑up baseball player.テつ He thought he had the chance to make the play and the ball came right back to Buster Posey.テつ Doesn't weigh on my mind.テつ We had chances sometime later in the game, too.
It appears that's the only chance when you look back upon it but, no, doesn't weigh heavily on our minds.テつ I urged our guys to advance bases and to hustle.

Q.テつ Did you ever consider bringing Aroldis for a second inning?
DUSTY BAKER:テつ No, because potentially we have three more chances to play.テつ Big Broxton was almost out of that inning.テつ It's easy to look back now and say, did you think about putting him out there?テつ But he wouldn't have been any good to us tomorrow, either.テつ That's how we have used him all year since he's gotten to the closing role.テつ We haven't used him more than one inning.

Q.テつ Can you talk about the way Homer pitched?
DUSTY BAKER:テつ Homer was lights out.テつ That's the best I've seen Homer.テつ I didn't see his no‑hitter because I was in the hospital.テつ He's getting better and better and that's what we had hoped.テつ He had a number of strikeouts, looked like they weren't seeing the ball very well and he was ahead of the count for the most part.テつ But that was an outstanding job by Homer.

Q.テつ The ground ball that Rolen didn't field.テつ How tough of a play was that?テつ He got an error, but it seemed like it was a tough play.
DUSTY BAKER:テつ It was a tough play.テつ The ball came up on him at the last minute.テつ This guy is one of the best.
You got to give the base runner credit for hustling down the line at the same time.テつ Most guys, they're out on that ball.テつ That was just a series of bad events.テつ Thought we got out of it, then the wild pitch and then the error, so that was a series of bad events for us.

Q.テつ There was some talk that Latos was not feeling well.テつ Is that true?テつ If so how much does that figure into your decision?
DUSTY BAKER:テつ Well, where is the talk coming from?

Q.テつ There was talk that he might have flu‑like symptoms.
DUSTY BAKER:テつ I can't answer that.テつ

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