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October 9, 2012

Bruce Bochy


Q.テつ Your lineup hasn't hit this series.テつ Can you put a finger on it?テつ Thinking through stuff, is there a general approach to why your guys aren't hitting now?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ That's always hard to say.テつ I think you look at the first game we hit some balls good and had some tough luck there.テつ The second game we just ran into a very well pitched ballgame.テつ Really saw a guy who was hitting spots, changing speeds and that's one game.
With that said, you know what?テつ We have put those games behind us and this team has bounced back.テつ These pinch hitters have bounced back and no question we got to get the bats going, especially if you look at the top of the order.
It's two games and we're facing a team with good pitching, you don't expect to score a lot of runs, but you have to score runs and we understand that.テつ There is not one reason why we're not hitting better.テつ I think you have to look at the pitching that we're facing.テつ They've done a good job at this point.

Q.テつ I know it's a right‑handed starter, but did you think about Nady or Arias to switch things up in the lineup?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ Sure, I thought about it.テつ Nady split the game with Blanco last game, but Crawford is our best shortstop and we think we need to stick with our playing, that's how we pitch well and catch the ball and Arias is available to come off the bench and we have two lefties in the pen and I'm sticking with the same lineup that got us here.

Q.テつ If you look at Barry's body of work this season, he has struggled in the past and you guys have scored more runs for him this season and what have you seen from him that has allowed him to be more successful this year?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ He's been doing a better job of pitching, throwing strikes, hitting the spots.テつ Really haven't been thinking about Barry a lot.テつ I'm thinking about today's game, but I think more than anything, his confidence has grown.テつ His location has been so much better this year.テつ

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