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October 9, 2012

Barry Zito


Q.テつ Being back in the postseason must be an exciting time for you.テつ Describe what it feels like to be on the roster and named the Game 4 starter?
BARRY ZITO:テつ It feels great because being a player in the major leagues we want to help our team the best we can.テつ It was tough in 2010 watching the boys go all the way and not being able to help out with that.テつ So part of the team camaraderie is wanting to contribute.

Q.テつ You had big wins for the A's in the postseason in the past.テつ Can you talk about how that will help you in this postseason?
BARRY ZITO:テつ I think it's experience, things we can draw from, regardless of how long ago it is, the postseason is different than the regular season, and I've gone into big games here in the recent past in September, it's stuff that will give me confidence going in.

Q.テつ Can you talk about this recent stretch of start, Augustand Septemberwhen you pitched well and the run support you received which I know early on in your tenure in SanFrancisco was hard to come by?
BARRY ZITO:テつ Yeah, the last month of the season it's been great.テつ Just personally I've been able to stay focused and make my pitches and not let things go fast around me.テつ When the game goes fast is when we have problems out there, keep my focus, pitch‑to‑pitch has been productive and it's what I look to do tomorrow night.
As far as the run support, I think a lot of people oversaw the offense here on the team, the pitching gets the all of the attention, but after we lost Cabrera, even more we stepped up the offense.テつ It's been impressive watching the guys get runs across.

Q.テつ Bruce Bochy said that he would be leaning toward having Posey catch tomorrow.テつ Could you talk not which is better, which is worse but are there differences in the way you have to prepare because of one catcher or the other, based on their styles?
BARRY ZITO:テつ Every catcher has his own style, sure, but I think the most important thing for me is to go over the game plan, regardless of who it is and that's something I've done with both guys.
I was encouraged that Posey and I had a good game plan and a good game against the Dodgers in early Septemberand we were on the same page going in.テつ So I have no doubt we will be on the same page tomorrow, too.

Q.テつ I'm curious, what was it like for you in 2010?テつ Were you frustrated, disappointed?テつ What it was like to watch and what you sort of went through during that run by your teammates.
BARRY ZITO:テつ Yeah, everything above.テつ It's something I've grown from and put behind me, so I don't like to get back into the emotional place of whatever that was but it makes this year even sweet we are.

Q.テつ Have you been able to stick to your routine this week?テつ Bochy wants his Game 4 candidates out of the bullpen.テつ Did that disrupt you at all?
BARRY ZITO:テつ Vogey and I were in the bullpen over the weekend, so when that happens you throw light and then if you need to get a side in that's what you do, I did that prepare for starting Game 4, on Sunday, so everything was fine.テつ

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