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October 8, 2012

Jon Jay

Lance Lynn


St. Louis Cardinals – 12
Washington Nationals - 4

Q.  Jon, both Descalso and your manager said that was your best catch of the year.  Do you agree and take us through the play a little bit.
JON JAY:  Yeah, I would agree.  (Laughter.)
He put a good swing on the ball.  Where I was from, I saw it up there and got a pretty good jump.  I got to the warning track and made a choice to jump, I knew I had to make a choice, and I made a jump and I was able to do that.

Q.  Can you just talk about the offensive explosion after Game 1 and how much you needed that with Jaime coming out?
JON JAY:  Yeah, it was big, after the game yesterday, we really wanted to come out there today, and we knew how big this game was for us.  So you know, that's the type of offense we have.  We'll go out there and have good at‑bats, and we were able to come up with big hits today.  We've seen it all year, when we are able to do that, we are pretty dangerous, and it worked out today.

Q.  Matheny has lauded your defense and he's seen improvement; do you see yourself having grown in that area this year?
JON JAY:  I take a lot of pride in that.  I learned a lot last year playing center field.  Last year I got to play more out there, and the biggest thing is situations where you can really take a gamble or situations you want to keep the runner from scoring from first or just little things that I've picked up with the help of‑‑ even with Yadi, Yadi has helped me out a lot from a catcher's standpoint, trying to understand what he's doing out there.  I definitely feel like I've improved and I'm trying to get better out there.

Q.  Lance, how hard was that to get ready, and it had to be ready right away?
LANCE LYNN:  Wasn't that hard.  I was ready from the get‑go in case anything happened.  Something I was able to do at times this year, able to be down in the bullpen a little bit, and I was able to use that experience.

Q.  Can you talk about getting to Zimmermann early, and B, if shadows played much of a factor.
JON JAY:  Zimmermann's a great pitcher.  We saw that all year.  He had a great year and he's got great stuff.  But both teams have to deal with the shadows, so it's nothing where‑‑ there's no excuses out there.  Everybody has to go out there and battle through it.
I'm not going to talk much about that.
But against Zimmermann that's big for us.  We know what type of offense we have when we are going out there and grinding and having good at‑bats and we did that today.  When we do that, we've been tough on starters and doesn't matter who is pitching out there.

Q.  Lance, were you prepared for three innings or more?  When that situation came up, what did Mike say to you?  What were you thinking?
LANCE LYNN:  He just called down and told me to get ready.  I figured that I was going to go multiple innings.  In my mind I was doing everything I can to get it to Mujica in the 7th.  I came up an inning short, but did everything I could to get as many innings as possible and it worked out well for us, and the offense kept doing their thing.

Q.  You came up to the plate the inning after you made the catch, and a huge ovation from the crowd.  Did you have to collect yourself for a moment with all that noise?
JON JAY:  You know, I definitely appreciated it.  It was great for the fans to show their support like that.  I've never had a stadium get that loud for me doing something.  That was definitely something special.
It was one of those things where I just went out there and tried to continue the game.  I didn't think too much of it after that as far as gathering myself.  I was just trying to stay focused and get on base.

Q.  Jon, can you talk about how Allen Craig kind of got you going in that big inning with a hit and home run and it sort of snowballed or steamrolled from there.
JON JAY:  He's been good all year.  He's one of the most underrated players in the game right now.  If you look at the numbers he put up this year, last year, what he did in the post‑season, he's been huge for us.  For him to go out there, that big home run, I think that really got us going, and the hits, he just goes out there and he's a great hitter, you can talk about how he drives in run, he uses the whole field, hits doubles, hits homers.  He's a big part of our lineup.

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