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October 8, 2012

Ryan Vogelsong


Q.テつ I'm curious, could you talk about the last twelve hours for you guys, the late night, early flight, getting here, what the flight was like, the spirit of the team, things like that?
RYAN VOGELSONG:テつ Obviously the game last night was tough for us.テつ Any situation like that you know that you have an early flight the next day you try and get home and sleep fast.テつ Just get on the plane like a normal flight and relax, spend some time thinking about the game coming up tomorrow, and hopefully some after that.
We just got in, so we're going to get in there and work out a little bit, get moving around and get ready for tomorrow.

Q.テつ Is there any thought about you flying in early like the Reds did with Homer?
RYAN VOGELSONG:テつ No, because we were pretty much all hands on deck until yesterday afternoon, and it's probably something I wouldn't have done anyway.テつ I had the opportunity to fly early a couple of times during the season this year and I turned it down.テつ It's not something I like to do.テつ If the guys are playing every day and have to stay and play and take the flights, then the pitchers should, too.テつ That's how I feel about it.

Q.テつ For your normal beat writers, was it emotional when Bochy told you, just given all that you've been through to get here?
RYAN VOGELSONG:テつ Yes and no.テつ It was because of the path that I've been on; and no because I didn't go into the series saying I wanted to start or not start.テつ I went into the series with the mindset that I was going to do what was asked of me to do.
The fact that he's given me the opportunity to start a game is tremendous.テつ It's exciting.テつ It's amazing for me, but I said this to you a couple of days ago, it's not about me at this point, it's about the team and what's best for us.

Q.テつ How does it affect mindset with the team being down 2‑0?
RYAN VOGELSONG:テつ Obviously, the cliche is to say "it's just another game," but I feel like "just another game" doesn't count when you're talking about postseason to begin with.テつ Things are magnituded a little bit and if you talk about 0‑2 being down in the series you can't really say it's just another game, either.
In the same sentence, you still have to throw strikes and get guys out and I think the best way to do that it one pitch at a time, one out at a time, one game at a time.テつ Same but different.

Q.テつ Can you talk about what went awry for you a little bit in Augustand September?テつ It appeared at the very end, the last three starts, you got it back.テつ Was it a command issue?テつ Was it mechanics?テつ What was it?
RYAN VOGELSONG:テつ I think it was more mechanically, and I got a little off course there.テつ Obviously when things aren't going the way you want to, you maybe try and do too much at times to get yourself back on track and sometimes that can go the other way.
I hate to say that bad luck or luck plays a part in this game, but I really felt like I ran into bad luck, too, at the same time.テつ I was struggling a little bit and things weren't going my way and it kinda magnified things.
But the last three starts I had, I felt pretty good.テつ I'm pretty happy with how I feel going into tomorrow.

Q.テつ Without giving away strategy, in watching the first two games, have you seen things in the Reds hitters that your team mates haven't taken advantage of that you will try and do tomorrow?
RYAN VOGELSONG:テつ I think there is always the benefit to pitching second or third in a series, because you do get to see some things.
So, yes, obviously I think we need to attack some people differently.テつ I trust Buster a lot.テつ I have trusted him all year, and he and I will talk about things tomorrow and come up with what we want to do and try and come up with a good game plan and hopefully that works.テつ

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