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October 7, 2012

Bruce Bochy


Cincinnati テや 9
San Francisco テや 0

Q.テつ What do you say to the team after a loss like that?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ I haven't talked to them.テつ We'll talk tomorrow.テつ It's a long day for the guys.テつ You hate to get beat like that, especially at home, and it happened.
We know where we're at right now and our backs are to the wall.テつ We have to come out and be ready to play once we get to Cincinnati.テつ I know they know what's at stake, and as I said yesterday, they've done a great job all year at bouncing back.テつ It's been done before and we have to keep fightin'.テつ There is no choice in this.テつ We have to keep our heads up and be ready to go come Tuesday.

Q.テつ After last night's game you talked about the good at‑bats and the good balls that you hit that didn't final.テつ Did you think that tonight, or was this less of a happy hitting day for you?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ Tough day for the hitters.テつ Their guy threw well.テつ He mixed his pitches up, changed speeds, hit his spots and we just couldn't get much going or anything going.テつ It's hard to get the crowd into it when you can't get guys on base.
They have been pitching well.テつ They're a good, well‑balanced club as you saw.テつ He was on top of his game and Bum was a little bit off tonight and we got behind and just couldn't get any rally going at all.テつ That's a long night for the guys.テつ They were trying, but their guy just pitched really well.テつ They had a tough time trying to get the good part of the bat on the ball because he was hitting spots and changing speeds so well.

Q.テつ What was going on with Tim Lincecum to start the 6th?テつ It looked like you wanted him in.テつ He didn't know he was going in.テつ Was there a miscommunication there?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ We told both of them, Blanco, if he gets up we're going to double switch.テつ I think they were confused because the pitcher didn't come up, but he said he was ready.テつ He doesn't throw much anyway, Timmy and he went out there and did a great job.
I wanted to cut back his pitches a little bit in case we want to bring him back and the 8th inning got ugly there, but he went out and really did a nice job, held them there, gave us a chance and we couldn't get the bats going.

Q.テつ How concerned are you about your starting pitching? テつObviously, these first two games your starters have had a rough go.テつ Is that a big concern for you?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ Well, of course you want your pitcher to go out there and give you a quality start and it hasn't happened these first two games.テつ Now you hope it happens the next three.テつ It hard to beat this team if you don't get a quality start because you know you're facing good pitchin' and you hope to play close ballgames and this one got away from us, we got behind yesterday, but as far as being concerned, it's tough when those guys aren't quite on top of their game.テつ They've done a great job this year and Bum just got some balls up first inning.テつ He looked great and gave up the home run and he settled down but he threw out some good at‑bats, put up a crooked number there and we got to the point where we had to go get 'em and hope to go get some runners on and come back and we couldn't do it.

Q.テつ Back to Madison, he locked in in the first inning and I know before the game was that you can talk about him tweaking his mechanics, working on his stuff.テつ What did you see that worked well for him and what didn't work well for him tonight?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ First inning he was right on, hitting his spots and using both sides of the plate and he got some balls up and made a mistake there on the first pitch to Ludwig, but after that he had trouble getting the ball where he wanted and it happens.
You hate to see it.テつ It's a good‑hitting ball club and they threw out some good at‑bats off him.テつ You give 'em credit.テつ He pitched great against them.テつ Here he threw a great game and he had a tough time getting back on track there and that's why I had to go get him.

Q.テつ You said you held Timmy back in case you wanted to come back with him.テつ Now the options would be I guess he could tentatively be used in Game 3, Game 4?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ Right, all those options are open and I was glad to see him throw like that and he was really good, I thought, good with his command and kept the ball down and had all of his pitches working.
Now we have the option, if he wants‑‑ or if we want to use him in the pen first, second game or in Cincinnati or start him we have that option.

Q.テつ You said before the game based on how the game went you might be ready to announce a Game 4 starter after this game.
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ I'll probably do that in Cincinnati.テつ We're still keeping that open somewhat.テつ I'll probably announce that tomorrow.テつ We fly in, if the weather permits, allows us to work out a little bit, we will do that and then I will announce the Game 4 starter.テつ

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