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October 7, 2012

Joel Sjoholm


JOEL SJ√ĖHOLM:¬† It's been so much fun.¬† We have been staying in a house this week, me, Thorbj√łrn and Johan Edfors, and we just had such good company with each other.¬† The course totally beats me again, but I guess I have to live with that when I'm minus 16 after four rounds, three amazing courses like this.

Q.¬† He has not beaten you by much, and you say those three amazing courses, Carnoustie, here, and St. Andrews, to great effect; 16‑under is brilliant.
JOEL SJ√ĖHOLM:¬† Yeah, I mean, of course, it's very good, but I do want to beat him.¬† Because I know that if I beat him when he is playing good, I will also be up there, as well.
So he is a very good measurement for me to keep on trying to beat, because I know how good he is, and I know how good Branden is, as well, and all the other guys, of course, but just because we have such a close friendship, it's always fun to have one specific guy that I'm trying to beat on good and bad behalfs.

Q.¬† A little up‑and‑down on this final day but good finish.
JOEL SJ√ĖHOLM:¬† That's how I play golf at the moment.¬† I've always been up‑and‑down, and that's just how I play golf.¬† I have to focus harder on trying to get better and stay straight from the tee boxes, because I know that my putter is quite strong, and my short game has been good, except for one hole today and through the week it's been very good.
I don't know, I'm close.  But not close enough yet.

Q.  You going to Portugal next week?
JOEL SJ√ĖHOLM:¬† I'm going every week.

Q.  You're going to relish that course.
JOEL SJ√ĖHOLM:¬† I'm trying myself to get myself in a good position to reach The Race to Dubai, and this has been my goal for the year.¬† I really need a strong finish.¬† I'm just happy to stand here and talk to you because that means I've done something good.

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