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October 7, 2012

Bruce Bochy


Q.テつ I was wondering, you had three viable options to start Game 3 and I'm curious how you arrived at Vogelsong?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ Really, if you look at how consistent he has been for the most part this year and he had a hiccup for three or four starts, but his last two starts he's gotten back on track and thrown the ball well.テつ I think he's earned this and that's how we arrived at this.テつ He's got Game 3.

Q.テつ What does this mean for Tim Lincecum?テつ Does it mean he's likely not to get a start?テつ Is he somebody you're looking at four or five?テつ Where does he fit in for this?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ Really he's available today to help out in the bullpen.テつ I've talked to Timmy.テつ He's all in on this; he was great and he understands and says he wants to do whatever he can to help the ball club move on.テつ We have him in the bullpen right now and we'll see where we're at after today and probably announce Game 4 starter either after the game tonight or in Cincinnati.

Q.テつ You said that Vogelsong was consistent, but he's struggled for a long stretch and as tough as Lincecum had it this year was Vogelsong a better pitcher for you than Tim Lincecum was this season?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ I think overall if you look at the numbers and the quality starts, I think that's fair to say.テつ I think the way Ryan has been throwing the ball his last couple of starts, he's been on with his command, his "stuff" and we like where he's at right now.テつ So we feel that he's the guy we should have out there on Game 3.

Q.テつ Did Ryan throw his side session yesterday?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ Yeah, he's all set, yeah.

Q.テつ Was that pretty much he was going in 3 pretty much from the start of this‑‑
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ Right, right, Dave Righetti and myself, we talked to Ryan, so he knew yesterday what the game plan was and so he's all set; and we want to keep him on this routine that he normally takes before he starts.テつ This was not a thing where today he found out.テつ He knew yesterday.

Q.テつ You said that Lincecum is okay as a reliever probably today.テつ Is Zito the same kind of situation or still an option for Game 4?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ Barry is an option for Game 4, and he's also available tonight.テつ We used a lot of pitchers last night.テつ You saw what happened on their side last night, so he will be available in the bullpen.テつ And if he doesn't pitch tonight, he will probably take a bullpen right after the game to keep him sharp.

Q.テつ Can you talk a little bit about pitch selection?テつ There were two situations in particular last night where Cain gets hit on a breaking ball and Casilla is doing fairly well in that at‑bat, and Paul and goes away from his fastball.テつ Were you okay with the pitchers and their pitch selection?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ Well, yeah, as you hear a lot, it's not so much selection as location.テつ The ball Paul hit, you know, that's a blooper that fell in.テつ It's not like that was a rocket.テつ That breaking ball stayed up in the zone a little bit, but still normally a ball like that is caught.テつ He just put it in a perfect place.
As far as the home run, pitchers make mistakes.テつ Sometimes you get away with them and last night we didn't get away with it.テつ A good pinch hitter took advantage of a breaking ball that spun up there and stayed in his wheelhouse.
So it's not selection as much as Mat didn't get the ball where he wanted.テつ Just like the change‑up that went for a home run.テつ When you throw off‑speed pitches, and leave 'em up in the zone there is a good chance that they're going to get hit and Mat wasn't quite as sharp with his command last night, inning that's fair to say.

Q.テつ Can you speak to the pressure of not wanting to go back to Cincinnati down 0‑2?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ I think we all know it's an important game. There is no gettin' around that.テつ I think this game is critical for us to go into Cincinnati and try and take the series versus trying to sweep, that's a big difference.
We felt the same last night.テつ Didn't go our way, we hit some balls hard, Mat wasn't quite as sharp and we wanted to take both of 'em.テつ Now you lose the first one you got to put that behind you and we have to do all we can to win this one.テつ That's the way we look at it.テつ I don't think you put pressure on yourself to win it as much as you do all you can to win the game and we all know what's at stake, both sides, and we will play the game as well as we can and do all we can to win this one.

Q.テつ Were you close to getting Timmy ready yesterday when Kontos was warming up?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ I thought about it, but Kontos has been doing a good job, if he would have struggled, I would have been getting Timmy ready pretty quick.テつ What saved us last night even though we lost the game was the job that couldn't do, I didn't have to use Timmy.

Q.テつ Timmy has won two Cy Youngs was good in 2010, was it tough for you to make that decision and to tell him and realizing how much pride he has and how much he has done for this organization?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ Sure, it's not easy to tell a pitcher that's accomplished what he has, and we know what he's done for us.テつ But you have to look at what's happening today, and this year, and Timmy, like I said, he understands that.
So these things are never easy.テつ I go back to 2010 when Zito wasn't even on the roster, that was one of the toughest calls I had to make; but Barry was great about it, kept himself throwing and we never had to use him because of injury, but we will say he was unbelievable how he handled it; and, in fact, right after I told him I think he went out and took a bullpen and he said, "I'm going to stay sharp," and he took hitters.
Timmy is staying sharp and you have to do what you think is right and we think it's the right thing to do with the way Vogey is throwing the ball and Timmy hasn't been as sharp this year it's fair to say.

Q.テつ Over Barry's last two months, you said you can tell early when he's on.テつ Can you tell the same thing with Madison tonight?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ With Madison, he's probably a little bit more of a power guy, and he can make a few more mistakes in the zone as most power guys can, but still I think with most pitchers you get a good feel where they're at early in the game.テつ Some of them take that first inning and they get settled in and you know where they're at but I've seen Madison find a way to right himself.テつ I don't think quite as much as I can tell with Barry.

Q.テつ Will you talk about Casilla and what situations you're comfortable to use him in?テつ Would you put him in the beginning or be more comfort with him in a one guy, lefty‑righty switch with one of our lefties?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ Casilla has done a great job for us this year.テつ We have talked about him quite a bit here last night and today and sure he gave up two runs.テつ He got a bad break with the one ball that fell in, but he has saved us so many times, being our closer, obviously, but even when he went to the 7th and 8th inning, helping us out of jams, going an inning plus.テつ He's one of our guys late in the ballgame.
So I'm comfortable using him in the 7th or the 8th to help out.テつ We have left‑handers that can help out there, too.テつ But with that game last night, two‑run game, we had our guy out there and got a bad break there as I mentioned.
I haven't lost any confidence in him.テつ He has good stuff and he made a mistake there on that one base hit, but he's a guy that helped get us here and he's a guy that we use late in the ballgame as one of our four or five guys to get outs.
Doesn't mean I won't mix it up and bring a lefty to face a lefty or if I think he needs help I'll bring in somebody else, but I know this team has a lot of confidence when he's out there.テつ

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