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October 7, 2012

Joe Girardi


Q.テつ Would you give your lineup?
JOE GIRARDI:テつ Sure, Jeter, Ichiro, Alex, Cano, Swisher, Teixeira, Granderson, Martin and Ibaテδアez is our DH.

Q.テつ With Lowe over Eppley, different styles and I assume different roles, but I'm wondering if Lowe's postseason experience played a role as you were factoring all the‑‑
JOE GIRARDI:テつ It did.テつ We knew that he's been through this before, a lot actually in his career, where there's been high expectations on him, and we liked the way he was throwing the ball the last three weeks and a guy that gave you multiple innings, and that's why we went with him.

Q.テつ Was it Lowe or Eppley, or was it Eppley or the extra infielder Nix?
JOE GIRARDI:テつ No, no, that was kind of‑‑ Nixy didn't play into that, Eppley or Lowe, into that situation.

Q.テつ What can Gardner give you?テつ If someone got hurt could he start a game?
JOE GIRARDI:テつ He can start a game, it's just he's had three at‑bats in five months is our biggest concerned.テつ We've tried to get him more simulated at‑bats.テつ The nice thing now is I don't have to pick so carefully when I put him in a game because he can take an at‑bat where in the beginning he couldn't.テつ So I don't have that fear that if he gets in a game I'm going to have to have another pinch‑hitter for him and another outfielder.テつ I don't have to worry about that.

Q.テつ Do you even have to look at scouting reports when you've played a team 18 times?
JOE GIRARDI:テつ Sure we look at‑‑ we look at what they've done most recently, we look at‑‑ the one thing that you have is you have a lot of knowledge about you've seen them in matchups, like they've seen CC three or four times and they obviously know where they've had success and we know where we've had success in those situations.テつ So you look at all that.

Q.テつ I know the points of view are different, but when you caught Andy and now when you watch him as a manager, how has he changed over the years as a pitcher?
JOE GIRARDI:テつ He's added pitches.テつ His change‑up he uses more now.テつ He was really a four‑seam guy.テつ His cutter on the one side of the plate which would be the third‑base side and a curveball.テつ He would use both fastballs.テつ But he's added pitches, he's moved his cutter around more, he throws his change‑up more.テつ He's just matured.

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