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October 6, 2012

Johnny Cueto


Cincinnati テや 5
San Francisco テや 2

Q.テつ Dusty said he thought that you were in discomfort before the game started at least that's what Bryan Price told him, when did you feel like your back was beginning to spasm?
JOHNNY CUETO:テつ When I was throwing, long toss, nothing happened, everything was feeling well.テつ As I went to the bullpen, I was warming up and everything went perfect.
It was only on the last two throws when I felt a sharp pain on my right side.テつ Then I was getting ready to go back to the dugout, I just went and talked to the head trainer and told him about‑‑ he put some heat on it and we communicate to Bryan what happened.

Q.テつ Johnny, you only through 8 pitches tonight.テつ If this calms down will you be able to pitch again this series?
JOHNNY CUETO:テつ I would say yes.テつ I really feel better right now, but I have to see how I feel tomorrow when I come back.

Q.テつ Had you experienced any sort of back pain before?テつ Is this the first time?
JOHNNY CUETO:テつ Well, that's the first time.テつ I really don't know how this is going.テつ This is my first time it happened.テつ God is the only one who knows what's going on.テつ I feel really good before the game, I feel really well today.

Q.テつ Assuming that you feel perfect tomorrow morning what do you think is the earliest that you could start another game for the Reds?
JOHNNY CUETO:テつ Well, at this time it's hard to say because you have to grip a ball and throw to exactly see how you feel.テつ Right now, walking, I'm just doing normal every day activities, doesn't feel bad.テつ I feel good with that.

Q.テつ I wanted to get your thoughts on the job that Latos did on the short notice coming in.
JOHNNY CUETO:テつ I feel really proud about my team.テつ I feel proud about the pitchers.テつ They all came in and did their job, not just them, the hitters came in and they backed me up tonight.テつ

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