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October 6, 2012

Ryan Shazier


Q.  I saw you a few times early in the game, lost Etienne, didn't look like you were getting hurt.  What kind of got you guys going on defense, and how are you?
RYAN SHAZIER:  I'm pretty good.  I had a bruise on my knee.  We just doing bad at first.  We had a few mistakes and everything.  And then one thing that pushed us a lot is when Etienne got hurt, we tried to put it on our back.  We try to do it for our brother because we're here for each other no matter what, and we'll always be there for each other.

Q.  Just quickly on Martinez, three turnovers, three picks to you all.  What did you see in‑‑ in fact, Bradley mentioned earlier this week he saw some routes he might be able to jump and get an interception.  Obviously he had a couple tonight.  In your study of Martinez, did you see opportunities to make some big plays in the game?
RYAN SHAZIER:  Yeah, we seen a lot of opportunities to make big plays because he's a really good quarterback, but he loves to run the ball.  His feet is his main weapon and his arm the secondary weapon, and we took advantage of it today.  And we seen some things we could jump on and some kind of pass combination that we could take advantage of.
So it was really‑‑ that's what we took advantage of today.

Q.  Ryan, that was a wild game.  You were in the middle of it.  What was the moment when you felt like you all finally gained control?
RYAN SHAZIER:  I feel like we finally gained control probably when the offense scored in the third quarter.  We felt that we had control the whole game, but once the offense scored, we knew we couldn't let them score.  We felt they couldn't stop our offense tonight.  We knew if we stopped them and the offense started scoring, they couldn't stop them.  Couldn't do that.  And the offense got rolling and they couldn't stop the offense rolling.

Q.  Robey's game tonight, just assess it.  How big was he for you guys?  How much did he really get you guys going?
RYAN SHAZIER:  He had a lot of breakups, two interceptions.  I know he was excited.  He got his first one, was a touchdown.  He just came back and got a second one.
His play today was amazing.  We just really needed that, and that really helped a lot.

Q.  We had the opportunity to speak to your father.  He flew in from Florida.  How was that knowing that he was in the stands and your family was in the stands to your approach to the game?
RYAN SHAZIER:  Today, it was already a big game, but it was a little bit bigger to me because my family was in town.  They rarely get to come to games.  When they do, it's really big to me.  So I try to take all advantage of the game I could today.  And it was just amazing just knowing that my family was here and I can spend time with them, because I don't really get to see them that much.

Q.  You were the last undefeated team in the Big Ten.  Tomorrow you'll probably be in the Top Ten Associated Press Poll, et cetera.  Are you sort of surprised at this point, or where does this team go from here, do you think?
RYAN SHAZIER:  We're not surprised.  We knew that this whole year we're going to do as many things and win as many games as possible.  But we're going to keep fighting and be behind each other, keep rolling, and we won't give up and can't be stopped.  And we'll keep going and win as many games as possible this year.

Q.  Wanted to ask about the defensive line.  You have a front row seat to how well they're playing.  Are you impressed by the way the guys getting blocks and making plays throughout the game?
RYAN SHAZIER:  It's amazing, in front of us, John Hankins, Jonathan Simon, we have Garrett Goebel and Nathan and Steve Miller.  We have Michael‑‑ we have amazing guys in front of us.  That's another reason I feel like I could play good sometimes.  And the secondary get a lot of opportunity to make a lot of big plays because our defensive line brings a lot of pressure.  We might not get a sack all the time, but they're bringing pressure in, making the quarterback be rattled.
So I feel it's amazing having guys like that in front of us and beating up blocks and making great plays.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you.

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