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October 6, 2012

Bruce Bochy


Cincinnati テや 5
San Francisco テや 2

Q.テつ Did Matt Cain struggle from the outset, or did he loose is gradually?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ He wasn't as sharp as he normally is.テつ He left up a couple of pitches up that they took advantage of and the ball left the park.テつ Really I thought he had good stuff, made a couple of miss says there.テつ They took advantage of him and we got down 3, had to take him out.テつ He was missing spots a little bit, I think that's fair to say tonight.

Q.テつ What was your perspective on the Blanco strikeout looking, and going forward how do you handle and perceive Casilla?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ It's hard to tell from the dugout, but it looked like it was a borderline pitch and they got the call.テつ It can change an inning.テつ I haven't seen the pitch, but Blanco thought it was outside and it's a tough break.テつ But I can't answer that question from the dugout.
We hit some balls hard, too.テつ We had a tough night with balls.テつ Cain smoked that ball.テつ Belt hit one, line drive.テつ That can change the game there.テつ A couple balls left field too.テつ I thought we had better bats than what it looked like.テつ We didn't have a lot of things going for us and the blooper fell in with Casilla, and we would have liked to keep the game like that, and I thought the bullpen kept us in the game and still, that said, we had the tying run at the plate up there.

Q.テつ Did you feel those two situations in particular, maybe on the whole did you feel like you would have rather had Blanco swing at that pitch and follow it off?テつ Were you okay with the mental aspect of Casilla tonight?テつ And your ball club, did you feel like they played the game well mentally?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ Well, sometimes you just have a great pitch thrown, you can't do a lot with it.テつ You have a guy out there throwing hard.テつ I know he felt the pitch was not a strike, but, again, I can't tell from where I'm at.
As far as Casilla, he had good stuff tonight.テつ They got a big 2‑out hit.テつ Phillips had a big night tonight, and like he said he had a bad break when that blooper fell in.
This is one game and sure you hate to lose the opener and we're at home, but we have a lot of baseball left.テつ These guys have been resilient all year, and now it's time for us to wash this off and be ready to go back at it tomorrow.

Q.テつ Talk about your preparing for Johnny Cueto and then he's gone and then you have LeCure.
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ Yeah, you hated to see anybody lose their starter, but they brought in a good one, too.テつ Latos is tough, and just like us, we had starters that could go tonight.テつ He was available and came in and did a great job on us.テつ We just didn't do too much against him until Buster hit the home run.テつ All the pinch hitters prepare to face Johnny Cueto, but we have all the information on the relievers, and Latos who came in and they pitched well.テつ It's a good staff.テつ That's why they're where they're at and I was proud of how the guys‑‑ we found a way to battle back in the 9th and we had two good pinch hitters up there and they got some good swings off but we came up short.テつ

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