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October 6, 2012

Aaron Colvin

Landry Jones


Q.  Can you talk about your game?  It seemed you were crisp not just on your individual game, but your offensive unit?
LANDRY JONES:  Yeah, I thought we played a good game, and got out there and played the way we're capable of playing.  Thought the offensive line really did a good job, especially in the run game getting some movement.  That kind of loosened everything up for the pass game.

Q.  In the passing game (Indiscernible), just talk about that in general how everything seemed to click.  You threw to a bunch of different receivers today?
LANDRY JONES:  Yes, spread it around a lot today.  I thought the receivers played really physical today, did a good job.  Tech kind of pressed a little bit more, and I think the guys did a really good job, like I was saying, playing physical and being where they were supposed to be and being precise.

Q.  (Indiscernible) did that affect the extra focus or motivation to win this game?
LANDRY JONES:  Maybe a little bit.  But you have to realize what kind of player you are and realize what you're capable of and kind of silence the outside and not really listen to what's going on around you.  Just realize who you are and go out there and play the way you think you're capable of playing.

Q.  Did you guys do anything today that allowed you to play better?  Looked like you played sped up a little more often.  I don't know about play calling, but just were things happening that allowed you to find a rhythm?
LANDRY JONES:  Yeah, I think the play calling was great today.  Coach Heupel did a lot of good things that kept us in a rhythm.  I think it was really just us going out there and executing the way we know we can, and not forcing balls down the field and playing good in the run game, being physical.
So it's just today was just us putting it together, and us playing as a good offense.

Q.  Aaron, could you talk about the corners, we were told, were going to have to have a big game today because of some things they were doing.  Talk about the challenge for you and Demontre today, and the big game that you guys came up with?
AARON COLVIN:  We tried to blitz a lot today.  So the corners were left out on the island somewhat a lot today.  So I mean me and Demontre preached no deep balls, not making anything easy.  Our preparation, I feel like, allowed us to play well today.

Q.  Aaron, could you talk about your turnovers that you guys forced because you were way toward the bottom statistically in the NCAA.  You got three today, and talk about your interception?
AARON COLVIN:  Then again, you know, these past two weeks we've been preaching no turnovers.  Coach Mike Stoops has been in our ear, especially this past week, as far as getting turnovers.  So personally, I know I wanted to go throughout and try to make a play.  That's what happened.  I got sent on the blitz, and I felt like I couldn't get there, so I just felt like get up and try to make a play.

Q.  You guys had the touchdown drive, did that give you guys confidence?
LANDRY JONES:  We just started the game off right.  We wanted to start fast, and whenever we got the ball, we wanted to go down and score.  I think we had a lot of good plays on that first drive that helped us out for sure.  The early offensive line did a good job in the run game loosening everything up, and that helped a lot throughout their entire game.

Q.  (Indiscernible)?
AARON COLVIN:  Preparation, I think.  I know a lot of guys, this was a must‑win for us.  We wanted to come out here, and it was somewhat of a revenge, I would say, as far as what happened last year and how they torched our defense.  So we prided ourselves on playing hard every play, and not letting the same results happen that happened last year.

Q.  Why was this a must‑win?
AARON COLVIN:  We lost last week, the past two weeks or whatever.  But I would more say it was last year.  I felt like we got kind of disrespected in our own house.  I don't feel like we played to our best capability.  So that's what we did these past two weeks as far as preparation, and I feel like it showed out there.

Q.  Also today kind of puts you back in shape for the conference.  How important was it to get a win like this and play like you did going into such an emotional rivalry like Texas next week?
AARON COLVIN:  We always want to build on momentum, so this was a stepping stone.  Personally for the secondary, it was a true test as far as the passing team.  I felt like it's going to bring a lot of confidence to our secondary.  I feel like as far as the whole team, we're going to go out there and compete hard next week.

Q.  Landry, could you talk about the importance of the performance for this team emotionally going forward in a pretty rugged conference race, and the Texas game next week?  How important was this type of performance today for this group?
LANDRY JONES:  It was good.  I think we've played up near to where we're capable of playing today, both offense and defense.  I don't know, just really felt like we did a good job on both sides of the ball and just building confidence going into Texas.  Really good team, good defense, good offense, really capable of doing a lot of good things.
So to have a game like this and to have that momentum going into next week is nice.

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