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October 6, 2012

John Daly


Q.  Today was a day of struggle.  Tell me about how you were able to handle it.  Did you ever lose focus when you got off to such a difficult start?
JOHN DALY:¬† No, I just was hoping it would stop the bleeding.¬† I can't remember a time when I had a stretch of so many bad holes where‑‑ I hit a couple bad shots but didn't really hit that many bad shots.¬† This course, everybody shoots it low, but there's times where nothing just goes right.¬† I short‑sided myself all day.¬† If I missed a green, I had the most impossible chips.¬† I couldn't make a four‑footer today, and I had the lefts going, which usually if I miss the ball, it's right, so that confused me a little bit.
It's almost you get off to a start like that, your body just almost goes into shock, and every time I tried to hit a cut, I'd hit a pull, and every time I'd try to hit a draw, I'd flare it right.  I asked Johnny the scorer when I got done if there was a chance I could get my amateur status back, and he said, no, it would take too long.  It's just a rough day.  Just a tough day, and the good shots that I hit like on 17, I was able to chip in, but it was like that all day, if I hit a really good shot, it just turned out bad.  Just one of those days.

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