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October 6, 2012

Joel Sjoholm


Q.  Could have been even better, that putt on the last, slightly frustrating?
JOEL SJ√ĖHOLM:¬† Yeah, I guess it has been a little bit of give and take.¬† I stole a 95 ‑foot putt on the par5, 14, so I guess I had one of those coming, and it came on the last unfortunately.

Q.  Is that the longest putt you've ever holed, 25 feet?
JOEL SJ√ĖHOLM:¬† I think so.¬† Because I was‑‑ it is a double green and I was almost‑‑ slightly miss‑clubbed.¬† I'm not holding anyone responsible for it.¬† But I know who is my caddie.
It's been a good day, tough track, it's such a fantastic golf course.  Now I can see why so many people are making all of those mistakes.  Coming down the stretch, you have to play good golf and I pulled off some decent golf shots, and my putter has been really hot these last three days.
I've not played that great, I'm putting fantastic and I'm putting off the green‑‑ I had two chip shots this whole week.¬† I'm just trying to use my putter because I know I'm solid with that.¬† So that's what links is all about, just take advantage of the short stick and it has been working out thus far.
I'm doing all right.  I don't know how many shots behind, it's going to be a really, really deep round for me tomorrow to have a chance to stand as the winner on 18 tomorrow so I have to do something overnight to get me in shape for tomorrow.

Q.¬† One off your good friends, Thorbj√łrn; could be a competition within a competition tomorrow.
JOEL SJ√ĖHOLM: ¬†It would be really nice to play with him tomorrow.¬† I think we have only played two times as pros together.¬† So it's always fun to have someone to compete with, and especially this week, it's a great opportunity to get higher on The Race to Dubai, and also a very good chance for me to meet a new friend.
And I have this week, and Arthur and I, we had a lot of good fun and good laughs together and he takes it way too seriously and I'm trying to tell him that it's just golf.
It's tough, because the beauty of it is that amateurs, they have to come here to compete.¬† I thought they were just here‑‑ this is my first time, I didn't know what to expect but now what I've seen it, I realise that they are here in the same conditions just like the pros and they actually want to compete.¬† I love it.¬† It's fantastic.
But I was trying to get him calmed down a little bit and get into my more, how do you say, kind of relaxed golfing style that I have until I got angry.  But that's just who I am.  I think that he's going to come out and watch me play tomorrow, so I think that if I've got some kind of fan with me for the future, which is great for me.

Q.  Was he taking it more seriously than you?
JOEL SJ√ĖHOLM:¬† Yeah, definitely.¬† Of course I take it probably as serious, but when amateurs start getting angry and stuff, you start realising this is not all fun and games anymore; he actually wants to compete.¬† That is the beauty of it I think, because I thought we would come here, we would have some kind of guy and he wouldn't really care.¬† And then you meet someone that is actually having fun with you on the course and actually wants to compete and has a similar style to what I have.

Q.  Branden obviously playing very well.
JOEL SJ√ĖHOLM:¬† Branden, when he is on the money, very few guys in the world can beat him.¬† Of course it would be a dream come true, but Branden, he is much better than people realise before this year.
Played with him on The Challenge Tour four years ago, and we all know this is a young gun that's going to come out and show off, just like I knew Thorbj√łrn, as well, you see it very quickly, and not how they are playing golf, just the mind‑set, that's what I think makes Branden so special, because he is both a great guy and a fantastic competitor.
Of course I will love to stand there tomorrow and be able to have that victory in my hand.

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