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October 6, 2012

Bruce Bochy


Q.テつ There is always a sense of urgency in the playoffs, but with this 2‑3 format does it put a premium on you guys knowing that you won't be coming back home for the series?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ They're all important games.テつ We know it, and I'm sure they feel the same way.
I think anytime you're in the best of five, every game, you look at it as critical to win and feel a sense of urgency, just thinking about today's game.テつ To mention, well, we gotta take both these games, you can't think about that, you have to go out there and give it all you have tonight and you see what happens and you worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.
They're all important games when it's the best of five.テつ When you're in the postseason and lose a game they're hard to make up, so we'll do all we can to win every game.

Q.テつ Can you talk about Madison's last seven or so starts of the regular season?テつ He mentioned when he was in here previously that he's made some minor mechanical alterations, maybe what those are and do you think he's had sufficient time to iron those out?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ He got out of sync with his delivery and he did work on his mechanics.テつ I got a little long there and was getting on the side of the ball, so that's what he's worked on.
I really think two starts ago he was closer to being who he is on a normal basis for the most part this year.テつ He got out of sync a little bit there in San Diego and so he's had a couple of bullpens to work on that and really try to shorten it up a little bit with his delivery and not make such a big turn, and I think the rest probably helped him a little bit, too.
He's been a horse for us and he's logged a lot of pitches.テつ This has enabled him to work on some stuff in the bullpen and get ready for tomorrow's start.

Q.テつ You won all three games in 2010, pretty important emotional game wins.テつ How key were those game wins for each series and how does it play into how significant you think this game is?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ It's similar to the game itself where you try to score first, and you like your chances if that happens.テつ You do all you can to do that, just like you do all you can to win game one.テつ It makes life easier when you don't get behind.テつ I think that's the approach you should have, that's why you don't look at game two, three, four or five, that's why your focus has to be on the first game and that's always an important game.
It's not a do‑or‑die game, it's the best of five, but you do what you can to get out to a good start and get game one and it's at home here, we know that.テつ But you don't want to put any added pressure, well you got to‑‑ this is a must game.テつ Sure, it's an important game, but you go out there and play like you normally do and you see what happens.テつ It's certainly a critical game.テつ I think both sides feel that.

Q.テつ If you do need to use one of your three starters who aren't pitching here in SanFrancisco, how do you establish the pecking order of who may get up first and can you provide any clarity on what is going to happen after?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ We will probably announce the rest of the rotation here soon and they all could be used today.テつ Talking about Timmy or Vogelsong, Zito, hopefully that's not the case, because we are carrying 12 pitchers, and you're hoping that you get a quality start and you can use the guys that you've used for the most part during the course of the season.
Now something happens that goes extra innings, we do have some long guys.テつ That's a nice quality. テつAs far as the pecking order, I don't want to give that right now, to be honest, just like we're not quite ready to announce the rest of the rotation.
With that said, I have talked to the other starters so they pretty much know when they're going to pitch and we'll hopefully be able to have them stay in their normal routine that they would have before they would start a game.
So it's not like we don't have an idea and they don't have an idea.テつ We're pretty well set we just haven't announced it.

Q.テつ Aubrey Huff was obviously a big part of your 2010 run.テつ What went into keeping him on the roster for this series?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ Couple things here.テつ One is the way he's swinging the bat coming off the bench.テつ He's a guy with experience.テつ He has that sense of comfort coming off the bench.テつ He's been seeing the ball better, drawing walks and he's getting some good swings off.テつ He has his bat speed back and this could be an important at‑bat during the playoffs when you have an experienced guy that is DH in his career.テつ So pinch‑hitting, he has the ability to control the emotions and go up there and throw out a quality AB.
Second thing is his knee is doing better.テつ He did have it injected ten days a somewhere in that area and when he started the game in San Diego.テつ I liked the way he was going down the line.テつ He didn't have to go home to second, but just watching him run, he's running now versus hobbling.
So we're comfortable to where, if we don't think we have to pinch‑run for him, we can get by without doing it because Huff is running better right now.テつ If he was hobbling, this would be a tough decision, but he says he's doing better and he's proved it to us, so that's why he's on the roster right now.

Q.テつ I know a lot has been made about this ballpark being a home field advantage.テつ Can you talk about not only having the fan support but the quirkiness, the dimensions, the weather.テつ How much does that play into your advantage being able to play the first two games here?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ I think there is always an advantage for a home team.テつ Now, this is a little different ballpark, and like you said, it's got some things here that a lot of ballparks don't have.テつ You look at the right field and of course right center, and you look at the fan support here, it's unbelievable.
They're here every night.テつ I don't know how many consecutive games we have been sold out, so we have something special here.テつ The players feel it, and it certainly helps the club when they see this type of support that they get every day, every night, and that's why they want to not just win but win for the fans coming here and I think any team should be more comfortable at home.
It's what you're used to.テつ You're playing most of your games there.テつ You should see the ball better; you know how the infield works, the outfield.テつ So I think it goes with any home team, just like when we go to Cincinnati, I'm sure they feel the same.

Q.テつ Speaking of fan support, I understand that Alex Smith is throwing out the first pitch tonight you guys were supportive when he got in hot water for wearing the Giants cap.テつ Is this a reward for his loyalty to you guys?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ I'm sure it is.テつ I don't have a say in who throws out the first pitch, but we certainly appreciate his support wearing a Giants hat.テつ That's why we wanted to reciprocate and wear a 49er's hat and have some fun with it, and have him throw out the first pitch.
This club has a lot of 49er fans, especially when they're playing that day and it's going to be good to have him out here.テつ We may take a look at him, too, he has a good arm.

Q.テつ Will you bring him into the clubhouse sore is this not the time to do that?
BRUCE BOCHY:テつ He's welcome to come into the clubhouse.テつ I haven't thought about it.テつ To be honest, I'm sure the guys would love to it see him and say hello and talk to him.テつ

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