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October 6, 2012

Madison Bumgarner


Q.テつ I'm curious when you go through the ebbs and flow of a season and you look at stretches of how you pitched, how do you reconcile your entire year versus the last 7 starts, and in your estimation what didn't go quite right during those times?
MADISON BUMGARNER:テつ Obviously you're going to have ups‑and‑downs throughout the year, it's just about how you can compete and minimize damage when you are going through a tough stretch.
I just had some‑‑ got out of my mechanics a little bit and that was pretty much it.テつ Once you get in the postseason you can't think about mechanics, can't think about any of that.テつ You just got to go out there and compete with whatever you got and try and keep us in the game and give us a chance.

Q.テつ What can you take from the experience you got two years ago and the‑‑ that might help you this time around?テつ Are you calmer these playoffs or about the same?
MADISON BUMGARNER:テつ Honestly, about the same.テつ I mean, it's exciting and fun.テつ It's why you work all year, all off‑season for.
For me, it's important not to try to change, just stay the same and go out there and keep doing what you're doing and do what got you here.テつ You start trying to change stuff is when it usually goes downhill, just keep working hard and stay the same.

Q.テつ What experience did you get from 2010 about pitching on a bigger stage like this?
MADISON BUMGARNER:テつ I mean, just kinda what I said before.テつ You want to go out there‑‑ guys want to try to do more in them big situations, but I think the key is just staying' the same, like I said before.テつ That's pretty muchit.テつ It was great to get that experience, especially at such a young age and the first year with the team, pretty much.テつ It was definitely a good experience.テつ Can't do anything but help, you know?

Q.テつ We asked you this as the season was coming to a close, about your innings load over the first two seasons and you said physically under feeling good, how do you feel arm-wise and body‑wise?
MADISON BUMGARNER:テつ Feel great.テつ Last two starts haven't been so good, but I think it was a mechanical issue and I think we got it ironed out.テつ If we don't, don't matter, just got to go out there and compete.テつ Physically I feel as good as I have all year, really, about the same.

Q.テつ Are you willing to explain a little bit the mechanical things that you've worked out?
MADISON BUMGARNER:テつ No, I mean, it's just little things, fine details you couldn't notice unless you're studying for it, but it makes a big difference when you got to be at the tip‑top of your game facing teams like we're facing.

Q.テつ I was talking to Dave Righetti the other day and he was talking about how for younger pitchers, is ahead of the mental aspect and as you mature the mental catches up.テつ Do you feel like this is a year where mentally you developed a bit?
MADISON BUMGARNER:テつ I'm trying to.テつ I'm trying to come and learn as much as I can every day, asking questions, studying tapes, studying everything, trying to get better and watching' games and trying to study hitters.テつ I definitely still have a lot to learn, but I just come every day trying to learn more.

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