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October 5, 2012

Jie Zheng


THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions in Chinese, please.

Q.テつ From this performance, it seems that you were playing under pressure.テつ Do you think it is because of your opponents playing better today or they know your weaknesses?
JIE ZHENG:テつ I think in the very beginning we couldn't keep up with our opponents' rhythm.テつ They are playing very, very aggressive.テつ Then I think we got better, and on the score line we got closer to 5‑4.
At 5‑4, we played well, but we couldn't break our opponents' serve.テつテつ They served very well and we could break them, so we lost the first set.
In the second set, I think the opponent has already take a lead at 1‑0, so they're very much relaxed.テつ We can't work out a very effective way to fight against a very heavy service.
My partner is very much good at serve and volley.テつ Our opponents play from the baseline with a lot of groundstrokes.テつ So unfortunately she cannot use her advantage to volley.テつ That's why we cannot play the game our way, and in the whole match we had to follow their way.

Q.テつ In past couple of days, people have already asked a lot that for the younger generation players in China what kind of road are they supposed to take.テつ My question is:テつ When you decided to play as individual player, it seems that you work out that decision very much quickly and easily.テつ Is that right?
JIE ZHENG:テつ I remember that when we made the choice after the Olympic Game, I went to Europe to participate in tournament there.テつ The national team asked me to have discussion, and I was told that I can either stay in the national team or play as individual player.
Li Na, Peng Shuai, Yan Zi have gone already.テつ I said, Okay, I will leave, as well.
At that time my feeling is I have been playing tennis for so many years.テつ Actually we're not 100% professional player.テつ I can only be, you know, quasi professional.
I really want to try what life could be like as professional player.テつ I have no idea what agent is or what contract is.テつ Then I work out decision to play as individual player.

Q.テつ I remember that when I interviewed you before, you said you don't set tournament targets.テつ You only enjoy the match.テつ Compared to singles matches, the doubles matches seem more fun and more relaxing. テつBut in terms of the enjoying tennis, do you think there is a big difference between singles and doubles?
JIE ZHENG:テつ I think for doubles we can enjoy more enjoyment or excitement of playing tennis but feel singles is more, you know, cruel, because from practice and play in the court, it's more fierce.
But for doubles, anyway, you've got a partner to communicate with each other.テつ For example, in the second set we play rather tough, but even in that case we are joking to each other.テつ So for me, I think for doubles I can enjoy more of playing tennis.テつ That's why I continue to play both singles and doubles.

Q.テつ We know that actually when you were behind in the match, both of you still looked very much relaxed.テつ Is that because you have a very good understanding with each other, with your other partner?
JIE ZHENG:テつ I think it is coming from the mutual understanding, mutual encouragement from each other, because, you know, doubles is a matter of two people, you and your partner, and every single point goes quickly and the match could go either way.
For example, our opponent hit today really aggressive and very excellent.テつ They have less errors.テつ So this is a fair game today.テつ It doesn't mean that we're not playing our best.
So for this result, I don't feel very much unpleasant.テつ I think for our opponent, they deserve this victory because they play the match pretty well.テつ They're more relaxed.

Q.テつ This is the ninth year for China Open.テつ In the past nine years, what do you think has been the single largest change that China Open had in the nine years?
JIE ZHENG:テつ For the single largest change, well, I think for me there are a lot of aspects.テつ The first one is the fans are more, you know, professional to watch the tennis.テつ For example, in the past, probably they have mobile phones ringing, or when they are trying to cheer, it's not right timing.
So from this year, I think the overall quality of the fans have improved tremendously.テつ And also, second, the infrastructure of the, you know, stadium have been tremendously improved, including the lounge, and also the dining room.テつ Everything is getting better and better.
And also, the simultaneous interpreters provided for this conference is pretty good, because a lot of person are not ‑‑English is not the mother tongue for them, so sometimes it's not okay for us to express ourselves in English.テつ So by providing the simultaneous interpreting services for this press conference will enable the correspondent to have a better understanding of the messages we want to have of our thoughts.

Q.テつ My question is still regarding the professional career.テつ The reason why you can work out a decision as individual player, is that because you have confidence about your performance?テつ Second question:テつ After China Open, what is your next performance, or are you done for the year?テつ If you are done for the year, can you comment on your performance for this past year?
JIE ZHENG:テつ According to my impression, I didn't have so many ideas or thoughts in that regard.テつ When I make that decision to play as individual player‑ because at that time we were 20s already, we are old player already ‑ I really want to try what a professional player is for me.テつ And then I can have more memories after I retire as a professional player.テつ That's why I really want to have a try.
So with regard to the other reasons you have already mentioned, to be frank, I don't have that thought.テつ I don't think too much.
For the second question, actually I'm going to participate in Osaka because I haven't qualified toテつ participate in the tournament in Sofia.テつ Hopefully I can get some points in Osaka so I can qualify for Sofia.
With regard to my evaluation to my performance this year, actually, the performance is not consistent, especially in red clay, which is not my best surface.
But generally speaking, in terms of my ranking, I'm still very much satisfied because the year before last, I have to go through two operations, after which I go back to top 20.
I'm very much satisfied with my ranking.テつ I will try and learn some lessons from last year, and next year in terms of choosing which tournaments to play, I will make better decisions and then try to improve myself in this year.テつ Hopefully I'm going to try to penetrate into top 20 next year.

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