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October 5, 2012

Ze Zhang


F. MAYER/Z. Zhang
6‑3, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:  Questions in Chinese.

Q.  I want to ask you what kind of strategy did you decide with your coach?  I noticed that Mayer's service is not so fast.  How did you make adjustment to his service?
ZE ZHANG:  Before the match Mayer's forehand was a little bit worse than his backhand.  If you want to make some change, you have to make some change in terms of the speed of hitting the ball.
You can tell easily that Mayer has more force in the forehand, but I think Mayer has a lot of change in the slice of ball, which really destroy my rhythm.  I can't work out effective strategy to fight against him.

Q.  My question is continuing with what I want to say yesterday.  For the foreign coach Peyre, was he introduced or invited by Jiang Su provincial team or by national team?
ZE ZHANG:  Actually, he was invited by Jiang Su provincial team, but it belongs to national team.  For all of the expenses that we have to afford of traveling to the international, you know, markets for the match, it is afforded by the national fiscal revenue.  We start the cooperation from last July in Beijing.

Q.  Yesterday Li Na spoke highly of your performance for you to penetrate into top eight, so how do you view her encouragements or compliments to you?  And also, some people said that you are No. 1 player in China in the tennis field.  What's your comments on that?
ZE ZHANG:¬† You know, Li Na is our example, as a role.¬† For me, I will not feel, you know, complacent.¬† I will take a step‑by‑step strategy to make even bigger breakthrough.¬† Everybody think that I'm No. 1 of the male players in China, but actually internationally I'm not, so we have to move forward to international level.

Q.  Just now you started to cooperate with the foreign coach.  Since it has been one year since you start the cooperation, everybody see the result.  So what do you think would have been the single largest improvement that the coach has give to you?  And also, probably you used to employ the domestic coaches before.  What would be the single largest improvement he has given to you?
ZE ZHANG:  I think in terms of single largest improvement he has already coached me how to handle every single ball.  He has taught me how to be more confident than ever before.
For example, when we are participating to the important tournaments like China Open this weekend, you know, I can control, you know, the game.  What might have been the second part of the question?

Q.  Well, will he be very much different from the domestic one?
ZE ZHANG:¬† I think the single largest difference is he is more detail‑oriented before the match, and he would make analysis into the pros and cons of the opponent.¬† He will teach me how to play the right game.

Q.  You have already tremendously improved your world ranking today.  So next year, are you going to try to make some adjustment into the matches you're supposed to play?
ZE ZHANG:¬† I have already communicated with my coach.¬† Even though my world ranking has improved a lot, I still have to take part in the less‑important tournament.
For example, a lot of players like me who used to have a very good performance in the less   important tournament and they only want to participate into very important tournament.  Unfortunately their world ranking has been declining very sharply.  So in order to keep my ranking, I have to take both tournament, most important and less important one.

Q.  Can you review the three important achievement you have already made in China Open?  Next part of the question, for the overall learning of tennis, you have to improve language skills, as well.  Are you going to try to communicate with your French coach, or what kind of language are you supposed to use to have a better communication with him?
ZE ZHANG:  You know, for my personal experience in China Open, especially in the first match, I become more mature.  Everybody want to be in such important tournament.
Whoever will have persistent performance in the match will win eventually.  For the second match, I think I'm become more confident than ever before, just like my coach has already coached me that I have to be more confident.
Unfortunately, I don't have a mature handling in terms of the critical ball.  That's the single largest gap that I have to me and the very important world players.  That's the gap.
And also, for language, I have to improve my English skills, as well, because my English is just so‑so now.

Q.  For Chinese male players, do you think if they want to take your road, is that correct in the future?  Which area do you think they should make further improvement to make breakthrough possible?  So that is to say, is it correct or suitable for the male players in China to follow your road?  Where are they supposed to make breakthrough?
ZE ZHANG:  I think this is a correct way for male players, because we have really get a huge support from the national team.  If China National Team did not give me a wildcard, I don't have a good performance as what I did today.
For the female players, actually I'm not in the right position to answer that question.
THE MODERATOR:  Questions in English.

Q.  Is it an ambition of yours to break into the top 100 in the world rankings?  If so, when do you think you can do it?
ZE ZHANG:  (Through translation.)  Yes, it is my eventual ambition and goal.  I'm supposed to make it possible next year.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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