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October 5, 2012

Oliver Wilson


Q.テつ Yesterday you started off with a 5‑under par at Carnoustie, excellent play, today 1‑under par; how do you feel?
OLIVER WILSON:テつ Yeah, a little disappointed.テつ I feel like I left a few shots out there today.テつ But I played okay.テつ Just had a couple of holes where I hit it on the wrong side of the flag and like on 18 there, hit it really close but was just trying to 2‑putt from there.
Yeah, a little disappointed but I played solid.テつ So keep playing like that over the weekend, and I will be in good shape.

Q.テつ Two after par, how important is it not to focus too much on the leaderboards, looking at very low results, very low scores at St. Andrews?
OLIVER WILSON:テつ Yeah, it's a bit disheartening.テつ I'm leading our side of the draw, 6‑under, and I'm ten behind.テつ So I think those guys have still got to go to Carnoustie tomorrow, so hopefully you're going to see a coming together of the leaderboards.テつ Hopefully I can move forward and they won't move forward too much anyway.
It should even itself out, but we played Kingsbarns today in the wind‑‑ you just don't want Kingsbarns because the par 5s are not reachable but when it's the other way, it can play really easy and that's what happened the other day.テつ That's the way this tournament is, you get some luck with you and some against, but over the course of the four rounds, hopefully it evens itself out.
Tomorrow is a big day for moving forward.テつ You don't want to be ten back going into the last round and not much of a chance.テつ Hopefully get the putter working.

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