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October 5, 2012

Graeme Storm


GRAEME STORM:テつ Yesterday was really frustrating.テつ Only shot 4‑under but easily could have shot 10‑under, I played that good.テつ Whereas today, I capitalised on most of my chances I gave myself and to make two on was obviously the highlight of the day.

Q.テつ When you see others shooting 12‑under and 10‑under, presumably all the more galling?
GRAEME STORM:テつ Yeah, yeah, especially yesterday, I've seen the scoreboard and I've seen Branden shoot 12‑under and seen somebody else shoot 10‑under and I was knocking the flags out and I just couldn't manage to hole the putts, have a few 3‑putts as well.
So today was more about taking the chances and giving yourself a chance going into tomorrow, because obviously I've got Carnoustie tomorrow, and the goal for the day was to get it to double figures and I've done that.

Q.テつ You mentioned the eagle in front of the old clubhouse here on the Old Course, pretty special?
GRAEME STORM:テつ Yeah, it owes me one, actually in, 2005 when I played the British Open here, I hit the flag and then missed the putt from eight feet and just squeezed in making the cut.テつ So it owed me a 2‑under hole today.
I hit a great drive to sort of like six, seven feet just under the hole, pretty much an easy putt right‑to‑left.

Q.テつ Never in doubt?
GRAEME STORM:テつ No, I was never in doubt, which was nice.

Q.テつ Well, it's one of those disconcerting kind of hole, you can almost be anywhere and yet you can also be out‑of‑bounds and you can put yourself in some very tricky positions?
GRAEME STORM:テつ Yeah, you've got to really narrow the target down off the tee and just pick your spot and try to hit it down that target and if you hit it down that target, then you can generally get it on the green.テつ So managed to do that today and hopefully I can do it again on Sunday.

Q.テつ To a degree is that indicative of the courses for the two days?テつ I know it's a bit windy and cold, so this is as good as you get it up here?
GRAEME STORM:テつ Yeah, it's absolutely perfect, it was a little bit cooler when we first teed off but only because we were off a bit earlier than yesterday.テつ If you could have two more days like this, it would be an amazing week weather‑wise.テつ General really doesn't happen but we'll see what Carnoustie brings to us tomorrow.

Q.テつ Do you approach Carnoustie with any trepidation or do you get any confidence after playing two links courses and shooting well?
GRAEME STORM:テつ Obviously you have to be more accurate off the tee.テつ You've got to be a little bit more conservative at times, holes like 6, where there's those bunkers in the middle of the fairway, so you can't hit driver; you take it on as a three‑shotter, so it's just all about not making too many mistakes over Carnoustie or anything between 74 and 70 is a good score.

Q.テつ The game is in good shape?
GRAEME STORM:テつ Yeah, it's good in shape.テつ I've just not been putting great, that's all.テつ I holed a couple today but apart from, that I've not really taken many chances.テつ But if I can get the putter nice and hot, and there's no reason why I can't go low again.

Q.テつ Last Ryder Cup, did you watch?
GRAEME STORM:テつ I did, yeah.テつ I enjoyed it a lot.テつ I think I was a bit more nervous than Martin Kaymer was over his putt to retain it, and obviously for Frankie to finish it off and get the win, I'm sure Olazテδ。bal was ecstatic.
It was great to see.テつ I honestly didn't expect to see us bringing the trophy home after the first two days because I thought the Americans were hot, and they managed to do it and all credit to them.

Q.テつ Where were you, home with the family?
GRAEME STORM:テつ I was playing golf.テつ I didn't see the start of the singles and I got back home and ended up watching it in my bed because it was late and what‑have‑you, and I had to get up the next morning to get up to here.テつ But I couldn't turn the telly off.テつ My wife did say to me, why are you still watching; I said, I can't not watch this, it's incredible.

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