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October 5, 2012

Paul Lawrie


Q.  Talk what does it mean to play this championship in your homeland with your partner as your son?
PAUL LAWRIE:¬† Pretty special, yeah.¬† He played lovely today to be fair tee‑to‑green.¬† He played good yesterday but putted a bit poorly.¬† But today, I think he was 4‑under on his own ball today.¬† So he's done awful well.¬† Very proud of him.

Q.¬† Going back to last Sunday when I spoke to you after your match, you were pretty emotional obviously.¬† Talk about the satisfaction and sense of achievement of shooting 6‑under par through 15 holes in a match that you had to win.
PAUL LAWRIE:  Yeah, well, José made it pretty clear that the first four or five matches on Sunday had to win or you know, we're up against it even more than we were.
So to stand on the first tee knowing that you've sort of got to play good golf to win a point, obviously I did probably a little more than I had to, but you know, to shoot 6‑under around there when you have to was very satisfying.

Q.  I understand that you've been on a helicopter over to Gleneagles with The Ryder Cup, tell us about that?
PAUL LAWRIE:  Yeah, they asked me to jump in a helicopter and take it over.  Must have been Wednesday, I assume, which was good fun.  Craig came with me.  So just to hand it over and deliver it was a good idea, nice thing to do.  So only took a couple of hours, and it was a very nice helicopter so it was good fun.

Q.  How high on your list of priorities is making that next team in Gleneagles in two years' time?
PAUL LAWRIE:  I would have said as high as it gets to be honest.  The way I'm playing and the way I've been playing, you can see it happening, but you still, it would still be a huge achievement for me to do that but to play on The Ryder Cup in Scotland would be out of this world.

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