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October 5, 2012

Padraig Harrington


Q.  Tell us what it was like.
P√ĀDRAIG HARRINGTON:¬† It was funny watching the first‑‑ peculiar, funny, watching the first say four matches.¬† But the last day, you know, you're just so into it.¬† You're just absorbed by it.¬† You're watching on TV and you're trying it figure it all out, what happens if this happens, that happens.¬† I've seen it so many times before, and it never‑‑ you always come so close.
But then everybody says, oh, should never have happened.  To come down to the last two matches the way they fell, everything fell into place.  It was incredible.

Q.¬† Such a different perspective for you, because in previous Ryder Cups‑‑
P√ĀDRAIG HARRINGTON:¬† Well, I have seen a few. ¬†Obviously I know what's going on, watching it on TV‑‑ well, I have ideas but I probably don't know what's going on, that's the thing, isn't it, what's going on behind closed doors, we don't know.¬† But it certainly gives you a different perspective if you're watching it and trying to figure out, you know, I'm sure everybody is, why that partnership, who is playing well, who is not playing well, essentially that sort of thing.

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