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October 4, 2012

Shuai Peng


L. NA/S. Peng
4‑6, 6‑2, 7‑6

THE MODERATOR:  Questions in Chinese, please.

Q.  Starting from the third set, I noticed that you cover your face with towel.  Do you cry?  Or problem with injury has already influenced your performance here today?
SHUAI PENG:  When I win in the first set, according to my impression, I lose all the service game in the second set, and I only got the first service game in the third set.
So my service in the later part would have been better.  So starting from April and March this year, my injury has never stopped, but I try my best today in my match today.
You know, in the very beginning, both of us are very much nervous.  We always played very excellent balls.  I really want to give my best play.  I really want to have very good service game, especially to guarantee my service is good, but, you know...

Q.  I think for today's match, Chinese audiences will be very much excited and happy.  Just now even Li Na said you both try your best and are very much familiar with each other, which make the match much more fierce and tough.  Do you think, too?
SHUAI PENG:¬† Yes.¬† We must be very much familiar with each other in terms of the tactics and the strategy, although Li Na's ranking is higher than me, and I'm very much nervous when I take a big lead of 5‑3 in the second set.¬† Probably at that time I started to be a little bit conservative, so when I received the service, I feel very much nervous.

Q.  Today we noticed that you have large range of footwork, and also the strategy you have already introduced start to work efficiently, as well.  So that is to say you have very good service return, and then you're going to work out a different strategy to fight against Li Na; is that right?
SHUAI PENG:  I personally believe that Li Na's overall performance is much better and higher than the average female player.
I don't think the other female players can have a similar performance as Li Na at her age.  You know, today when I play the match with her, for example, when I work together with the previous two opponents, I think Li Na's service is both faster and heavier, and her service is really fast.
I think in that case her ball is heavier and more powerful than mine.  I have to make some change to seize the opportunity.  She got a very wide placement of ball.

Q.  I would like to talk something which is more relaxed.  I personally believe that you deserved the title here today.  Unfortunately you lose the match.  Yeah, we really believe it's a regret for you.  Psychologically I'm on your side.  I support you.  That's a really, really excellent match today.  The question I want to ask is:  Although the match is really excellent today, the atmosphere is destroyed by the audiences because a lot of people say, Come on Li Na, Come on, Peng Shuai.  This will never ever happen in the other countries, so what kind of suggestion do you have to the Chinese audiences on the court when they're watching the performance so in that case our media will have the coverage in this regard to educate audiences.
SHUAI PENG:  I basically understand what I want to say.  For the first question, actually during the match I really want to win, but I believe that I have already tried my best in this match.  It is a tough and long match.  We played a lot of excellent balls.
Yesterday the journalists told me that if Li Na win she's eligible to play WTA final.  In that case, I would like to say congratulations to her.
Anyway, we have one Chinese player who will be eligible for WTA final.  Although I take a lead in the second set, at that time I'm yet to win.  So I have to take two more points.
That two points will be very important opportunity for me to learn, so next time when I have a similar opportunity, I can be successful.  For the fans who are watching the Guang Zhou Asian games and the other games they will be there to cheer all this.
Previously I'm a little bit impatient in most cases.  I don't quite understand, but once I watch the football match, unlike the table tennis and other matches, you know, the audiences can walk and talk in the stadium, but, you know, tennis, when we're playing tennis, we have to remind the audiences to be quiet.  Problem with audiences is they don't understand the courtesy in this regard.
But we can tell that the audiences are very respectful of watching tennis and they are very much enthusiastic.
Actually, I'm a shy girl.  When I watch those, you know, matches, I myself cannot control, you know, cheering sometimes.

Q.  After the match what does Alan say to you to comfort you?
SHUAI PENG:¬† Actually, Alan did not give me comfort.¬† We have a short, you know, talk for a couple of minutes.¬† We talk something about the match.¬† We talk about the problems to be addressed in the match.¬† And also we talk about the strategy and especially when I take the lead at 5‑3 and I start to be a little bit conservative, and even Alan has already told that I feel a little bit nervous at that time.

Q.  This is the ninth year for China Open.  In the past nine years you have already participated in all China Open.  You started to be professional player from 2004.  Every year you have a very good performance in China Open.  Can you make comments on your relationship to China Open?
SHUAI PENG:  When people told me I have played China Open for nine years consecutively, when I know that I feel very much surprised already.
So I've missed Grand Slams but I never missed China Open.  For the first year, well, actually, I lose the qualifying.  Then gradually I participate in China Open consecutively on a regular basis.  I got even top 8.
And then the stadium have to be moved from Guang Cai Stadium to National China Stadium, which is closer to my home.
Today on this year, all the important matches have been moved to the Diamond Court, and it has become larger and larger.  I can feel that we have more and more spectators here today.

Q.  I always feel that you are a very shy girl no matter win or lose.  When you answer the questions from journalists you are very much calm, but I tell easily you started to cry just now.  Why is that?
SHUAI PENG:  Actually, I'm not excited; I'm not emotional.  I'm just a very normal little girl.
When I play the match, definitely I never intend to lose.  When we moved on to the tiebreak, I really want to win, so that's my feeling in that moment.
THE MODERATOR:  Questions in English.

Q.  I was wondering if you and Li Na had spoken in either the days leading up to the match or after the match and what you guys might have said to each other.
SHUAI PENG:  Speak what?

Q.  Just to each other, about the match or anything.
SHUAI PENG:  I should be spoke to my coach, not my opponent, right?

Q.  I want to know next time when you match Chinese player again, will you be tough or you will be milder like this one?
SHUAI PENG:  (In Chinese.) Can I answer in English or Chinese?
I believe that this year it seems that a lot of Chinese players are fighting against each other.  I think in the future we will have more opportunity to fight against with Chinese players.  And probably next year I'm very much looking forward to playing against Li Na, although I have a lot of pressure in this regard.
Prior to the match I am very much excited, as well, because a lot of audiences will keep a close watch on this match, and also the audience is expected to cheer for both of us.  I think that's a good news.  That's good.
That's why I'm expecting more opportunities to play against Chinese players.  Probably we will have more match against Chinese players in the next season.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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