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October 4, 2012

Angelique Kerber


A. KERBER/C. Wozniacki
6‑1, 2‑6, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:  Questions in Chinese, please.

Q.  In the first set it's very much easy to win, but in the second set you lose it.  Did you ever try to think what had happened?  The next question is:  What's your preparation and expectation for the next match against Sharapova?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  Okay, first, the first set was very good.  I played very well.  I feel very good from the first point.
In the second set I think she played better and make not so many mistakes.  So, yeah, she deserved to win the second.
In the third I just tried to focus on me, to focus on my game plan and try to be aggressive, move good.  Yeah, I'm very happy that I won the very tough match against Caroline.
My next opponent is Maria, so I think I have nothing to lose yet.  I will go out there tomorrow and enjoy the match and of course give my best.  We will see what's happen then.

Q.  The WTA announced today that you and other two players have been qualified to participate into the final.  What kind of a preparation do you have to do before you can participate into the final?  What tournament are you supposed to participate after China Open?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  Of course now I am focused just on this tournament.  Yeah, I'm very happy that I get the chance to play the Masters at the end of the year.  I mean, that was a goal, and I'm very happy to reach this.
I think that shows that I play very good season, and I still continue this.  My next tournament is Luxembourg, so I think I will go there, play some matches, and then I'm ready for Istanbul.

Q.  Recently the performance of the German players are very much good.  Can you make comments on the characteristics of you and your partners?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  I mean, I think it's good to have now a lot of good German players.  We know each other from very young age, and I think it's also good for German tennis.
But I think that, yeah, I mean, in every tournament there is one German which plays very good.  So it doesn't matter if I lost; there is someone to go to the next rounds.
Yeah, I think it's good for us to have a lot of German good players.

Q.  We know that you are one of the female players who have the highest percentage of wins in matches.  This is a very good achievement.  Last year you are top 4 in the US Open, so what kind of preparation, what's your plan for next season?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  2013?  Yeah?  I'm still in 2012 and I still have two more tournaments to play, and then I think I will make first some rest and make some holidays, and, yeah, at the end of year I will make, I think, maybe the same preparation like last year.  I don't know yet.
But for sure I will work very hard to be ready for the next season.
THE MODERATOR:  Questions in English.

Q.  That was the first time that you and Caroline have gone to three sets.  It was a longer match.  What's your plan for recovery now?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  I think now I will have some treatments and maybe go to the ice bath and get ready for tomorrow.  I mean, tomorrow it will be not easy match against Maria.  I think I will, yeah, have a very good and long massage and then get ready for tomorrow.

Q.  I think you have risen from 32nd place in the rankings in the end of last year to I think 6 at the moment.  What are the reasons for that?  Why this year have you made a breakthrough?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  That's a good question, and I hear it a lot.  I actually don't know.  I mean, last year when I reached the semis at the US Open I, yeah, I thought that I can beat also the top players and not playing just good matches.
I had also a great prepare season before this year, and I think also mentally I'm a little bit stronger than last year.  I have a great team right now around me that's supporting me, so I think that's everything together makes the change.

Q.  There are a couple of times during the match that your coach came out to talk to you.  You were able to pull out the win in the end.  What did your coach say to you?
ANGELIQUE KERBER:  He just said that be easy and just focus on yourself and play your game, have patience, and, yeah, just go for it and try to play your game.  Actually, that's it, what's he talk to me.

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