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October 4, 2012

Richard Gasquet


Z. ZHANG/R. Gasquet
6‑4, 3‑6, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:  Questions in Chinese, please.

Q.  What kind of a preparation did you have for this match?  Did you ever think that the opponent has a strong or threatening service to you or probably Ze Zhang's backhand has already constituted a huge backhand?
RICHARD GASQUET:  Yeah, he served well.  He played well.  The court was very fast, you know, for me.  I think the key of the match was my backhand was very bad today.
When I play against a guy, backhand against backhand, I'm good.  Today it was not working fork me.
Anyway, I should win at 2‑0 in the third set.  I had the chances to win this match, to win the match, and I played bad mistakes.  And him, he plays good.  With the crowd and the court, he plays good.
He deserve this victory.  It's good.

Q.  In previous match of Ze Zhang, he said that he will definitely beat you because Ze Zhang's coach know what is your weak point.  What kind of...
RICHARD GASQUET:  He plays good.  He has a big backhand, big forehand.  As I said, the court is very fast.  It's tough for me.
Last week in Bangkok ‑‑ I think I'm a little bit tired, too.  Last week I played big tournament.  I'm not physically 100%, but it's not the case because I lost.
As I said, he's talented.  He go through into the court.  He play aggressive and fast, and at the end he play better than me.  He's a little bit, had a little bit of confidence to finish with five points.
I didn't play my best match, but it happens and it's because he's talented.  He serves well.  He deserve this victory.  As I said, he deserves this victory.

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