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October 4, 2012

Paul Lawrie


Q.  How did you feel on the course?
PAUL LAWRIE:  Quite tired obviously.  Played poorly.  Hit the ball just awful today.  First 12 holes is the worst ball‑striking of the year unfortunately.  But I mean obviously a bit of jet‑lag, didn't sleep much last night, and then swing it a bit indifferent, it's going to happen.
Shot 3‑over, probably could have been a few more to be honest.  Did well, made a few birdies coming in.  Apart from bogeying the last, I played quite nicely the last six holes but the first 12 was very poor.

Q.  You're not going home in between?
PAUL LAWRIE:  No, we are staying at the Fairmont.

Q.  And Craig?
PAUL LAWRIE:  Craig was 1‑under‑‑ we were team‑wise, he played nicely but putted terrible.  He really putted awful today which was disappointing because he hit the ball quite well.  But first day and it's the toughest of the three courses.  So we need to go low tomorrow.

Q.  What's the advice you give him in a big event like this?
PAUL LAWRIE:  Well, he was nervous on the first tee and he kind of fatted a 3‑wood just over the burn, shame.  Kind of a big situation for him I suppose, 17, first time in front of a crowd.  But he did really well.  But he struggled with the putter.  Wonder where he gets that from.  (Laughter).

Q.  Still, where is it tomorrow?
PAUL LAWRIE:  We are at Kingsbarns tomorrow.  So 60 would do.  Nice score, eh.

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