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October 4, 2012

Peter Hanson


Q.  How are the energy levels?
PETER HANSON:  It's good.  It's great fun, playing here with one of my good friends.  He asked me to play, and I said I'd love to come over and we have some great evenings and just try to keep going like we did Sunday.  So having some great dinners and having a bit of wine in the evenings, which I never otherwise have.
So just coming here to enjoy it.  I haven't practised and I haven't hit one single shot.  We played 18 holes yesterday with Ernie, and so that was fun.  The best was if we won, we would get to keep the Claret Jug for the rest of the week and drink wine out of it, and if we lost, which we did, Johann Rupert is going to dress my amateur partner up for Saturday, so that's going to be fun.  So it's going to be good fun.

Q.  How do you look back on the last few days?
PETER HANSON:  It's been great.  Took a while to recover.  I was feeling pretty bad Tuesday coming over, so I did nothing, just slept in.  Spent a bit of time with my amateur partners with the Jigger there which probably didn't help.  I played this one after Wales, as well, and I did it completely different.  I played with Samuel L. Jackson and played all the practise rounds and trained really hard and really treated it like a normal tournament and I think that was completely the wrong way to do it.
So this time, you know, I just said I'm going to go here and enjoy it and play it a little bit more like the amateurs do.  Go out and enjoy the links.  I love playing these courses, and you know, just enjoy the evenings, as well.  We are having a great time.

Q.  Do you have any sense of mixed feelings when you look back at The Ryder Cup?  Do you wish that you had played a wee bit more?
PETER HANSON:  Definitely, I think The Ryder Cup kind of hurt my confidence a bit, especially the first couple days.  I of course came in there full of confidence after the win in Holland and played really well during the practise rounds, and was, you know, feeling great and I just wanted to get out there and play.  When I didn't get to play more than 14 holes the first couple of days, that really got to me and I was very disappointed on Saturday.  I think that hurt my performance a little bit on the Sunday, even if I shot a couple under.
I think to putt on a really good round on Sunday, I would have needed to play a bit more.

Q.  Did you speak to José about it?
PETER HANSON:¬† I did a little bit, but it's hard.¬† You know, you're part of a team and when I got notified 20 minutes before we teed off on Saturday, I got very upset.¬† I didn't take that very well, but I took it for myself; I didn't let it go out over anyone else.¬† I just locked myself into a dark room and stayed there for a couple of hours, because you don't want to let your bad feelings affect the other guys.¬† It's all about getting out there and supporting your teammates, so I was out there all Saturday afternoon walking down the fairway.¬† So I think in that respect, I took it‑‑ I didn't damage the team, and that was the main thing.

Q.  Where did you hide yourself away and what were you thinking about?
PETER HANSON:¬† I was just, you know, way inside the locker room, we have some‑‑ where the physio guys, so I just laid down on one of the benches for a couple of hours.¬† I just didn't want my bad energy to get into‑‑ when the guys came in after the foursomes, when they had lunch, you don't want to sit there and spread that bad energy.

Q.  Were you in and then told you weren't in, or were you never told what the situation was?
PETER HANSON:  We were actually not told.  I was so sure I was going to play, so I actually went out and played a couple of holes Saturday morning and did my warm up early in the day.  When I got notified I was actually filling in the pin sheet in my book, so that's probably as well why I got so upset.  I was already in game mode.  I just wanted to get out there and win some points.
So you know, it's a tough one to take when you don't get to play.

Q.  Any of the assistant captains lift you at that point?  Who helped you through that?
PETER HANSON:  Like I said, you just have to deal with it.  Being part of a team, you can't let your own ego affect the rest of the team.  Just everybody has to back each other up and even if you get a decision that you don't like, just deal with it and go out there and in the evening on the Saturday, I think the way Ian finished with his birdie, five straight birdies, people don't really realise it, but that was actually the turning point of the matches, because we came back to the hotel on a high, all of us, and got in there and actually Ollie didn't say a lot.  But all of the players came together and Ian played a big role.  Lee Westwood played a big role.  Rory said a few words; Rosey; I said a few words.  I think that positive energy transferred to the next day.

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